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Network Marketing: A New Paradigm Shift is Needed So You Don't Get Left Behind

Mar 8, 2008
What if your company went out of business today? What would you do? Have you done a good job of marketing you? Or have you done a good job marketing your company?

Million dollar companies pay copywriters and consultants thousands and thousands of dollars on brand awareness. How much is your network marketing company paying you to spread their name out there in public? That's right nothing.

This is one way a lot of network marketing companies save money on publicity. They know their distributors will spread the company's name for free while a traditional company pays thousands to millions of dollars to have it done.

Are you a nice guy or a naive one? Don't forget that if you dare break any of the policies and procedures, your company can terminate your distributorship at will and take your check. But you did such a good job branding them. And they thank you for that by not giving you one red cent until you produce results.

This is how the game of network marketing is played from the companies' standpoint. You need to do your business accordingly to the rules of engagement as set forth by your company, but you have to keep in mind your best interests, not theirs.

Don't even think about leaving your company; you'll be back at the "starting line" again-if you haven't increased your value to the marketplace.

What do I mean? I mean you invest in yourself, your business education, your marketing skills and so forth. Become valuable to your potential prospects. What can you offer them that the guy at the next website can't?

If you think you can lure people into your business by telling them that you have millionaires in your company, guess again. There are millionaires in all the top companies. And so what? You have to break it down to where there's a benefit for the prospect to join you. And having millionaires in your company is not one of them.

With network marketing companies becoming a dime a dozen and network marketers jumping in and out of companies faster than the ink can dry on their application, it's important more than ever to protect your livelihood by building up yourself, not your company.

With the emergence of social marketing and everyone fighting to be the best business opportunity, the best marketing system, the best this and the best that, a new way of thinking is in order for a new breed of network marketers coming aboard. As times change so should the way you do business. As Giblink says, don't get left behind.
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Corrisa Malone is a home-based business entrepreneur.
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