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3 Ways to Create Network Marketing Leads Online

Mar 8, 2008
Have you ever heard, "I never filled out any survey about working from home!" or this one, "Will you people stop calling me!"

If any of those two sound familiar, then you must have been a network marketing lead buyer at one time in your life. Sure you have to develop a thick skin, but you also have to develop a deep wallet in order to keep buying leads like these.

Here are just three ways you can create your own exclusive leads that will never utter those excruciating phrases in your ears ever again.

The first method is article marketing. Article marketing is when you write compelling, informative articles and get webmasters, ezine publishers, and other content publishers to publish your articles. You can start by submitting your articles directly to the publishers themselves or to directories like Ezine Articles.

The key to making article marketing worthwhile is by putting a compelling resource box at the end of the article that entices the readers of your articles to click the link that leads back to your website.

The second method is to put up a blog and write good content that your readers would enjoy while building up your credibility in your niche. To get search engine traffic you'll want to put your keywords in the title and throughout your posts. To get traffic from the many bloging communities, join a few of them and interact with people in the various groups that are there.

The third way to create network marketing leads is by placing online classified ads. The downside to posting to free online classifieds is that they're overly saturated with business opportunity ads. So they're not as effective as they once were. It takes a lot of posting of free classifieds to get any great results.

The best way to use the online classifieds is to either use an automatic submitter or only post to those classifieds that get picked up highly by the search engines. I'm a fan of the latter because you can get your ad on the first page of Google and thus get free search engine traffic in addition to the "foot" traffic from the classified site itself.

Since most people who come to your site won't join your business opportunity, make sure you use a lead capture page or opt-in box on your website. You can at least get them in your marketing funnel and sell them informational products, which is what a lot of people buy anyways. As you build a relationship with them, your business opportunity then can become a viable option to them.

These three ways will help you create your own exclusive leads that you won't have to share with anybody or worry about how they were created because you've created them yourself.
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