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Network Marketing Success: An Uncommon Destination

Mar 8, 2008
Trust in people? Your company has let you down. Your sponsor has let you down. Your upline has let you down. And most importantly, you have let your own self down. You are a broken spirit looking through life and your business with broken glasses that you have been wearing upside down. This isn't the definition of network marketing success.

What is your next move? Do you know? Are you going to do what you've been doing...nothing? You're now afraid to trust. Don't know whom to listen to. You guard your pocketbook as if it was the last bag of popcorn at a movie theatre. So nothing moves except time.

You're not satisfied...and how could you be? Every fiber of your being has been permeated. What you thought was right turned out to be wrong-or so they say. People you thought you knew led you astray. Your faith has been shaken to the core. Deep down inside you know you must act. Take a leap of faith at trusting something. The consequences if you don't, is a life of would haves, should haves, and what ifs.

You then decide to trust again, but this time it's different. You know that you must find your own truth in everything that you were taught, and everything you are told to believe in. No more following people blindly. Now, you must have a foundation on which to base your beliefs. Is it a question of faith? No it's a question of taking responsibility for your own success.

You seek to understand that of which you can't relate. You seek to understand the method behind marketing. You seek to understand why you are the biggest hurdle you need to overcome in order to have network marketing success.

Change comes fast and easy or slow and steady. Either which way, you find yourself in a place in your mind that you never thought you'd get to. Once there you realize that all this time you have been a prisoner in your own mind. Your thoughts have led you astray. The power you gave to other people over you has cost you umpteenth money and time.

You now know that you will build yourself up from now on-no one else. No company, no upline, no celebrity endorser. You are your business. When you leave your company or if your company goes under, the only thing you take with you is you.

Once you understand the order of network marketing things become easier and your life becomes simpler. The monster hiding under your bed turned out to not be a monster after all-only your fears and frustrations.

Network marketing success is an uncommon destination, but it's one you can get to if start believing in you.
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Corrisa Malone is a home-based business entrepreneur.
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