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How To Network Your Way To Success

Mar 8, 2008
Networking is a natural way of living on a day to day basis. You may not even be aware when you are doing it. For example, last night you and your mate went to see a movie which you both really enjoyed. When you next meet up you're your friends you enthuse about the plot and the action involved in the movie, and this is networking.

Another example is when you have just found a really good shampoo and conditioner for your hair. You tell all your friends, and of course this information is given for free. Shame you could not get a little cash for each and every person you tell about your favorite shampoo.

Well, now you can! Network marketing is all about selling products you use and are happy with to you friends and workmates, who are your network in general.

What could be better? You get paid for the service you provide and they get a great new product. If your friends like the product, they in turn will sell to their network and you will get a share on everything they sell too.

More or less everything you use each day can be sold through network marketing, which is also known as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). It is a time honored way of handing out goods. Most businesses use distributors who they pay to get their produce from the maker to the various retail outlets. MLM makes use of a self-sufficient sales force to sell products straight to the customer and cut out the retailers.

When you operate as part of a multi-level marketing set up, from each sale you make you earn a commission or percentage for yourself. It's possible to make a good living simply by selling the products. One of the main advantages of network marketing is that you form a downline of people who sell the products too and you receive a commission from their sales. This shows how powerful MLM really is. However great a salesperson you are, you only have so much time available to work each day so your downline multiplies your efforts, allowing you to earn money whilst sleeping, playing a game of golf, or taking a yourself off for a vacation.

When you bring someone into the MLM program and they begin to sell, this is your downline being created. Let's say you get $1 for every bottle of shampoo you sell. You will also collect $.25 for each bottle of shampoo sold within your downline. So with ten others in your downline each selling ten bottles of shampoo in a day, you will have made $25 without having to lift a finger. But think about what would happen if you had 25 people in your downline. You would pick up $62.50 and 100 people would bring you in $100. Before you know where you are, you will be able to pay for that well vacation with the money received as your commission.
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