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An Online Business? It's One Of The Best Businesses To Own!

Mar 8, 2008
The last little while I've been seriously looking at "where" and "how" I can improve my business. Simply, because I'm thoroughly convinced that an online business is definitely one of the best types of businesses to own.

This all started a little while ago when I started looking at incorporating a few payment systems. I seriously went to hell and back with figuring them out,and finally, "Thank God!" finding the solution which i'm very impressed with. I know it's the solution for me, and am so grateful for finally finding and putting RAP (Rapid Action Profits) to work for myself. When I say I went to hell and back, that is literally how I felt at the time. There is a lot of different things you have to tackle eventually, and well, usually you stumble with new things until you get used to working with these types of things. I really had a tough time with Butterfly Marketing and also, JVManager. I really did learn JVManager quite well, it took a lot of time, but I wasn't happy with the way it delivered products in the end. Looking back though, had it not been for that little experience I'd not of found things like understanding RAP and other programs so easily now. You see, really up until I started getting into systems like this, I was pretty much an affiliate marketer, and was doing quite good with Resale Rights products. I guess it was time to move ahead again.

As far as the list building portion of my business, I'm confident that the choice I've made with that has been the proper one for quite some time. I mean, with Viral Spiral being the engine, the Honest Brands site continues to build itself for us and it's members on autopilot. This does require effort, mind you, to get the ball rolling. If many members of the site would start really working the system it provides for them, I'm sure they would be surprised with the results in time. It truly will start to build your list and profits virally, hence Viral Spiral!

The latest thing I've been really needing to improve upon is web site traffic. I really needed to start and get a hold of generating more traffic, and lately I've found some great solutions for it.

Firstly, I'm thrilled with the IMBuzz membership which gives me a brand new viral software every month to rebrand, rename, and moreless make it my own and distribute it either freely or selling it. With the softwares I decide to sell, I've been really offering them for a low, low price. It also will work very well for Honest Brands members since they can make 100% profits, with the integration of RAP, and help them with their businesses to. So with that, I completely feel I've found a winner with helping our members of the site. It also helps with traffic, because of it's viral nature, very impressive stuff.

The next area that really needed some attention once again was with search engine rankings and gaining more traffic with that area. I was so wrapped up in technical hell for a while, that I'd sort of let this area slide for a bit. There is only so many hours in a day..after all. But it's time to work on that again, and also with the web 2.0 traffic generation strategies outlined in The Traffic Manifesto by Ross Goldberg.

I mean, I can't forget about the foundations I've learned from Holly Mann once again, can I? No, No, No, that wouldn't be wise. Been there, done that before, and I'm not going to start over again! By the way, Holly has a great little blog happening herself now to. It's called Honest Holly if you'd like to check it out.

I took a big plunge this month and joined Article Underground. I'm very, very impressed thus far with this membership.

The main reason I had for joining was that, Article Underground membership comes with a huge network of blogs to be utilizing for building great backlinks fast! Most of these blogs are a PR 3 and higher, and having this linking power at my fingertips is great, great, great! There are 35 blogs with the membership, but members have also donated 60 blogs or so, that only members can utilize to. So that's like 95 blogs for members to access to get their sites indexed fast and get some great search engine rankings. Wow, what a tight bunch hey...! The Groovytastic Blog Digger released a week or two ago is great for finding blogs to get links from to, both of these working in conjunction with one another is a great thing.

I've been a member of PLR Pro before, and had a look at Article Underground quite closely to, and did a comparison of the two in a report I'd written a while back. The report should have actually stated that in terms of both memberships they are pretty close to being equal. At the time I'd written it, I hadn't discovered that the article packs that come to you at Article Underground are rarely downloaded by all 350 members, but in many cases, under 200 people ever use and alter the same article packs. So, when you think about it, this pretty much evens the score between the two mega force PLR sites. But either way you look at it, the report still did say that they are by far the best memberships of this type around.

One thing to note about Article Underground is some of it's members. I'm sure these people are members for a reason. I'm talking about some of the top marketers around being members. Michael Cheney, Neil Shearing, Jonathon Leger, and many more top marketers are members. I even noticed Jason Katzenback, one of the owners of the great Portal Feeder membership site posting on the blog network. These marketers don't play around, so I'm very confident in my membership there.

So I feel I'm on another great business building path once again. The results of some of these methods and strategies are really starting to pay off already. Yeah, it's been a bit of haul getting some of these things to work, mainly the technical stuff I mentioned earlier.

So why is it one of the best businesses to own? Well, all things considered, the overhead of an online business is much lower than any other type of business you will ever get into. It's also very cool when you do get past your stumbling blocks. Also, my business is only about 4 steps away from my bed when I wake up every day. I have my computer set up in my bedroom, so, tell me another business where it's easier than that to get to work everyday!
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