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Free Targeted Traffic - Making It Happen

Mar 8, 2008
Everyone who is in online business is after free targeted traffic. However, there are very few who know how to get it. Those who do know have reaped the rich dividends of getting increased targeted traffic to their sites. The icing on the cake is that they are getting it for free. So here are two tools that you can use to get targeted traffic to your website.

Writing Articles You must have heard about article writing as a means of getting free targeted traffic. If you have heard about it you have heard it right. However, you cannot just write any sort of article and hope to get traffic. There are few guidelines that you must follow. First of all you have to write articles that are relevant to what you are selling. Write them in an easy-to-understand language and friendly tone. There are many sites that you can submit your articles to. Ezine, geoarticles.com, ideamarketers.com and articlecity.com are some of the directories that you can submit your articles to.

When you write articles for these directories to get that free targeted traffic, you will notice a resource box. Resource box is the place where you will put your link in. If people like what they are reading they will most likely click on that resource box.

So you can see that the resource box is quite important. You; therefore, need to take care of what you put in that resource box. I would suggest that besides your link, you should also put in a keyword relevant to your site. The right keyword or keywords will get top rankings for your site on all major search engines. Your resource box should give a message to the readers that you have a lot to offer. And then lead them to a site that is attractive and offers what they are looking for. So now we understand how articles get us free targeted traffic.

Blogs Blogs are another important means of getting free targeted traffic. Creating a blog is absolutely free. You just need to spend some time on it. Take care to create a blog that talks about you and what you are offering. Of course the appearance of the blog is important so take care to choose the right templates, pictures, fonts, and colors. And do not forget to put your link. Finally select a blog name that search engines will easily pick up. Keep the content fresh and relevant. Make sure that you use the right keywords. Initially you should post content very frequently on your blog. Then when you start getting targeted traffic, posting once or twice a week is also enough.

Besides articles and blogs you can also join online forums to get free targeted traffic. Writing press releases also helps in getting targeted traffic. Whichever tool you use, it is important that you do it right.
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Trevor Granderson is a Entrepreneur that has been making a living online since 2005. Trevor has used the Duvet Dollars system to make money online. He also owns a membership site that provides online marketers how to info from various internet millionaires.
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