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Blog Marketing Strategy: Reputation building

Mar 8, 2008
Reputation is the most important part of Blog Marketing. Whether the reputation is positive or negative, it works towards popularizing it. Yes, many blogs have become notoriously famous. How do you build reputation? By doing what you've set out for - BLOGGING!

Reputation here is nothing but the identity or the image one creates of one's self in the blog world. The kind of reputation or identity that you create can to take you to amazing heights. In fact there are so many websites that have some sort of identity to them that make them famous. The identity one creates, sticks to the viewer's/customer's mind in no time.

What sort of image/identity do you build? It depends on your judgment. If your product is serious and requires you to be very accurate, provide dependable and tangible value to the customer etc (eg. Financial product) then you must build a positive trust worthy image. Create the most appropriate identity for the product that you are trying to sell.

If your product is creative, one of a kind and needs the attention of your customers, you could also build a slight notorious image to your blog. This pulls in the customers to see what the controversy is all about. Sometimes this sort of identity catapults them to newer heights. Some bloggers topple existing top bloggers by openly disagreeing with them and challenging them by providing new, creative content that pushes down the existing product.

A blog is one place where you can openly disagree and let people around know about it. What you should be careful is that in such circumstances you must be able to convince people about your product dominating the existing one. If that doesn't happen, then the negative identity can ruin your reputation for good. Many unknown bloggers have got overnight success with this strategy; however all depends on the product itself performing well in tandem with the strategy.

A still more negative image or the bad boy of bloggers can mean a fortune. You create this obnoxious, 'don't care' identity amongst your blogger buddies and customers that they start believing in you for being open. You're the sort of person on blogs who arrogantly contradicts other bloggers. Customers play down your arrogance, since you provide them with something that's accurate and different from others. Your arrogance here is your confidence in the product.

Sometimes this sort of strategy can be a killer and get you to the number one spot. Point to note here is that arrogance with a mediocre product can be a huge dent on your image. So if you decide on adopting this identity then make sure your product rocks! Choose the sort of identity you want to create carefully. This can make or break your product.
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