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Every Network Marketing Business Needs New Prospects

Mar 8, 2008
There is a tidal wave of change going on right now on the internet and it will impact your network marketing business in a huge way if you understand it and utilize it to put the networking or socializing part back in your business. No longer is internet marketing too expensive or ineffective for the average person. Web 2.0 also known as Social Marketing can make a huge difference in how you grow your downline. With less stress and have consistent, committed customers that create that desired residual income.

Who doesn't want to achieve the goal of being financially free with the time freedom to travel the world and not be tied down to a regular job? Every networker wants to have the ability to retire with residual income that comes in every month whether you work or not.

Most Network Marketers only make....

The facts are that the majority of people who start a network marketing business will never earn a check big enough to replace their regular paycheck. You would be lucky to even make your car payment with the average network marketing commission check. So then you join a different company and hope their latest razzle-dazzle product will make you successful.

When success eludes you again maybe you dig in and start buying biz opp leads like your upline suggested. If you maxed out a credit card or two cold calling leads, you know that is a dead end for most people. Only the lead sellers are making money.

In order to make money in any business you need customers, without them you don't have a business - just a hobby. You need prospects - people to sell your products to , people who want to join your business opportunity. Without prospects or leads you are dead in the water, and so is your business.

Are you tired of the silly methods you have been taught to recruit people with like approaching people at the mall, handing out 1000's of sizzle cards, cds, or flyers, bugging your classmates or people you work with? Are you reaching your goals with these methods? Then you need to learn how to change your tactics.

If you want to make it and realize your dreams you need to Sell to a Hungry Crowd.

Get in front of a starving , hungry crowd that wants what you have to offer and you can't miss. Do coffee and donuts sell to policemen? Do cowboy hats sell to ranchers? How about ice cold drinks at a hot & sunny baseball game? You wouldn't try to sell swimsuits to Eskimos would you?

Marketing your networking business or products to the wrong crowd ie: those who haven't expressed an interest in what you have to offer is a recipe for losing. Losing money, time and friends. Even if you sign up a few people you know, they usually don't stay active long enough to make you any money. Get ahead of the crowd by using attractive marketing through social networking and watch your business grow like never before.
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Jeff Madsen is a MLM Marketing guide and a successful business owner for 20+ years. For MLM Marketing success he endorses the Renegade MLM Marketer Get Free info on Attraction Marketing at Renegade University
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