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Seven Business Expenses You Can Easily Cut Out

Mar 9, 2008
First-time business owners often find that their business expenses far outweigh their income. Particularly in the early days of starting a business - this is to be expected. Rather than going into debt and spending money you don't have, consider cutting some expenses until you're in the black. Here are seven business expenses you can cut today:

#1: Software. Many software products including word processing, spreadsheets, database software and more are available for free. The term for this free software is Open Source or Freeware, and quite often these 'free' products are exceptional. The reason they are so good because they have many people constantly working to improve them. The drawback to many open source products is that there isn't the customer support available that you'd find with a commercial software company. However, the general protocol when you find a bug in the software is to advise the developers via email. Chances are, there will be a fix produced in a matter of days.

#2: Business cards. There is absolutely no reason to pay for business cards when organizations like Vista Print offer them for free. You have to register with the company to get your free cards but it is a small price to pay. If you want your cards to be more detailed, consider making them yourself. You can find business card templates online or via inexpensive software packages, and you can buy high-quality business card paper at any office supply store.

#3: Marketing. Direct mail marketing can be extremely expensive but email marketing is virtually free. All you need is an email list. If you haven't had time to build your opt-in list, you can often borrow, rent or purchase a list from local business organizations or commercial companies. Be aware that when you purchase a list, they can be expensive and the information they give you might not be accurate, which means you're paying money for bounce backs. The best, and least expensive option, is to build your opt-in list first with a simple sign-up form and a freebie incentive.

#4: Do your own copywriting. Outsourcing your copywriting can be expensive, especially in the beginning when you likely need a lot of articles, sales copy and copy products for your business. Copywriting may not be something that you want to do but it is something that you can do. When writing articles, write from the heart and write like you're explaining something to a friend. When you're writing sales copy, write to solve your customers' problems. Identify those problems and show them how to solve them. Don't forget when writing sales copy to include a call to action. Tell them what you want them to do - buy your product!

#5: Office equipment. You may want that new $5000 computer but do you really need it? Before you run out and spend a fortune on new office equipment, make do with what you have for a while. Once you begin to show a profit, reward your hard work with a new desk chair, computer or printer.

#6: Websites. Number one talked-about open source software. There are also free web hosting and web design products and services available. In fact, Google have just opened up a free hosting program and there are several free website design products available. This means there is no need to hire an expert or pay for hosting. However, if you want a little extra help or a template there are economical options available - you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on a website.

#7: Accounting and bookkeeping tasks. While it may not be fun to handle your bookkeeping, you can do it yourself and save money hiring a bookkeeper. You may still want to hire an accountant at the end of the year to do your taxes, however if you've been taking care of your bookkeeping, keeping good records, and paying your taxes on a quarterly basis, doing your own taxes is certainly possible.

Cutting expenses in the beginning can pay off tremendously in the long run. Plus, you'll be learning valuable skills as a business owner, copywriter, web designer, marketer and accountant!
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