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Facebook Friend Adder Marketing in Anytown, Cyberspace?

Mar 9, 2008
Meeting and greeting friends and neighbors used to happen on the street corner of your town. Now, more and more frequently, it happens with an instant message, e-mail or in an online social network. We've traded the actual physical or spoken interaction with a whole new form of interaction that's more convenient and more efficient.

What started as simple text-based chat rooms has evolved to amazingly complex and massive virtual communities. Social networking on the internet is where the action is in terms of investment, technology and marketing - and Facebook right now is the major player, the beneficiary of a two hundred and forty million dollar investment by that giant among giants, Microsoft, in an aggressive bid to be a dominant part of the cutting edge of online trends.

MySpace may be the largest social networking site, but Facebook, with its fifty million plus membership, is experiencing the hugest growth, with two hundred thousand new virtual residents moving in every day. Founded over three years ago by Harvard drop-out Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has suddenly taken off due to a shrewd change in policy by the management.

The revolution began in May 2007, when Facebook offered outside developers and companies a share of advertising revenue in exchange for crating unique new applications for the site. Over five thousand new applications appeared within six months - transforming Facebook with tools allowing users to do everything from dedicating a song to battling another user in a zombie fight to drawing on a wall to giving a friend a "hatching" egg with a surprise inside. Suddenly, users could spend hours on Facebook, enhancing their profiles and interacting with their friends in thousands of unusual ways.

Facebook was now elevated to the ranks of Web 3.0 (bypassing Web 2.0) with a running jump towards the much-talked about web semantic ideal. It was different in a way that excited users and caused them to invite friends, family and acquaintances to join in the new online experience that everyone was talking about.

This marketing base is why Facebook is so attractive to a corporation like Microsoft - and why internet marketers at all levels are looking for ways to get their messages into this amazing new social system that's experiencing the kind of explosive growth that comes along rarely.

One of the newest and most effective Facebook marketing software packages for doing just that is the Stealth Friend Bomber, Facebook Edition. This Facebook Bot can mass request, mass message and mass poke Facebook "friends" in a painless, automated manner that does all the work for the internet marketer. This Facebook Friend Adder system helps the internet marketer reach across this fifty million member online mob in the most efficient way possible.

Facebook marketing software like Stealth Friend Bomber, Facebook Edition means that the smaller marketer can outwit the big boys like Google and Microsoft who spend millions upon millions in their efforts to reach the same audience. It's just that simple.
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