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5 AdWords Tips To Get Those Dollars Pouring In

Mar 9, 2008
Keyword Selection Cost. Most articles on AdWords tips will tell you about finding a balance between the popularity of keywords and their CPC. Sometimes incorrect spellings can also get you a lot of targeted traffic while keeping the CPC low. Targeted traffic. For exact keyword phrases, use quotes and square brackets, like "NYC Theatre Tickets" or [Lion King Broadway Tickets]. Freebie hunters. Use "-free" to keep them away as they aren't likely to result in any sales.

The Extra Edge Own website. What most articles on AdWords tips fail to tell you is that it is also important to have your own website, with a proper opt-in form so that you can build a mailing list of all visitors. People who don't buy now can change their minds later. Landing page. It is better to have a separate landing page for each of your products, just like a separate Ad for each of them. This ensures a better customer experience and makes it easier for you to track the individual conversion rates of products.

Number Crunch! Budget. Another hard-to-find point in the most common AdWords tips lists! You need to make a budget, as to how much you can afford to spend per sale, and then stick to it. Profit. Calculate your profit/sale. Then use that data to work upon decreasing cost or increasing sale, so as to reach the desired profit.

So that's about it! The above five AdWords tips can help you get your profits soaring high. Oh, did I miss the fifth one? Well, the last tip in my list is "Testing". You can simply never have enough of it. You need to keep testing and re-testing; keep changing a word here and a phrase there; keep improving! And don't forget to enjoy the experience!
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Trevor Granderson is a Marketer that has been earning a living online since 2005. Trevor has used the Duvet Dollars system to make money online. He also owns a membership site that provides online marketers how to info from various internet millionaires.
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