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Internet Marketing Strategy: Public Domain Products

Mar 9, 2008
The Public Domain is a GOLD MINE. A public domain is a range of abstract materials - commonly referred to as intellectual property - which are not owned or controlled by anyone.

The term indicates that these materials are therefore "public property", and available for anyone to use for any purpose.

It is a wonderful resource for instant content - whether you need content for your info product or content for an e-course to market your info product.

Whether you are looking to add to your regular online business or want to start a new one, you can use public domain works to generate whatever content you need.

1. Imagine saving the time required to write your own e-book or 100 articles!
2. Imagine saving the money you pay to ghostwriters!


Here's what it actually is:

It refers to a large collection of published or unpublished "works" that is not protected by the US copyright law. Since copyright law forbids legal commercial use, the public domain (which contains everything that is not governed by copyright laws) is free for you to use in any commercial setting, without fear of lawsuits or the need for giving credit or reference.

Note: In this case, "work" refers to anything that can possibly be published and sold. Thus a work could be a book, a course, an instruction manual, music, movies, photographs, reports, recipes, ideas, inventions and lots more.

Example: The famous Mona Lisa, painted by that great artist Leonardo da Vinci has the potential to fall under the public domain. In the same vein, Beethoven's 5th Symphony would also be considered in the public domain. John Reese's Traffic Secrets course, however, is definitely not public domain (although the ideas and techniques used within them are).

So basically you are free to use the works in the public domain onto your own benefit! Amazing but true! There is a TON of already published information that is contained within this area of Internet marketing.

You can use any of it to your benefit for creating your info product, for creating content for your website, for creating e-courses to market your info product, or for any other reason that you see fit.

Using these strategies for your business will help to maximize your profitability in your info product business as your product creation costs will be less, the time that you spend creating will be lowered, and you will have a tool to increase visitors to your website.
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