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The Secret To Customer Loyalty Building

Mar 9, 2008
Don't you think any customer you have should be a LIFE LONG customer? Customer loyalty building should be a strong part of any business's marketing plan. If a consumer used your service once, why shouldn't they come back again and again?

It seems as though few companies bother with past companies. They don't develop any kind of customer loyalty building campaign. The funny thing is, it's a lot like prospect cultivation in that follow-up is a necessity. Of course, first you better make sure your product or service is truly worth coming back to.

Customer loyalty building means providing a truly valuable product or service. Never let your customers forget you. Don't cut contact after the sale - the transaction has only begun! There's really no reason not to remain in contact with the customer until they die to keep them coming back to you.

There is value in customer loyalty building - whether you see it or not. Don't be scared to try it out and see how easy it might be for you to keep past clients coming back. Any customer or bought once can buy again, so takes steps to build your customer loyalty plan today.

Always consider your target audience - in this case, past clients. Find out what they bought, when they bought it and as much contact information as possible. The shell life of your product will tell you how long before the client is ready to buy a new one. This should all help to create your own customer loyalty building plan.

Next, brainstorm reasons to contact past clients, whether it is informative products, product updates or free gifts. Customer loyalty building often involves free giveaways. Sending holiday and birthday cards are also great for building top of mind awareness. Once you've got content, you have to figure out a way to get it to your prospects.

Systemize your follow-up by utilizing CRM programs to develop email drip campaigns and contact timelines. Customer loyalty building takes time and effort, but an automated follow-up system can really help raise efficiency levels. Map out a detailed plan of follow-up that includes emails, phone calls and direct mail.

Your customer loyalty building plan will often mirror your prospect follow-up - both should definitely employ CRMs at the very least. Prospect cultivation and customer loyalty building are just different ways of turning leads into customers. Of course, at least with past clients, they already know what an amazing product you have!
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About the Author: Ms. Lichty is a copywriter and SEO for ProspectMX.com with extensive customer relations experience. Learn more about customer loyalty building at her website.
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