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Selling Your E-book Online - Part 2

Mar 9, 2008
As I mentioned in part one, the best system to sell e-books online is through a single page website. Now that you have created an awe-inspiring and amazing headline, we can concentrate on other parts of your website for marketing information products.

There is one important rule for writing sales copy - you list features, but customers buy benefits. Let's go back to our wedding e-book. We may list features like the number of pages, professional advice, and interviews with specialists in the field. However, those don't explain to the customer why they should buy your e-book.

But what are the benefits for your customers? They want to have a beautiful wedding without spending all their cash. They want an economical way to splurge on a unique wedding.

High-priced advertising executives understand this, and sell products based on customer benefits.

Think of a commercial for a sports car. Do they ever talk about ratio, horse power, bucket seats, CD players, under coating, all that stuff? No, those are features. Car commercials sell benefits. You usually see a middle-age man looking very successful, even smug, and he's just burning down the highway. Of course the highway's always winding along a mountain road down the coast. They're not selling the car, they're selling how you will feel in the car. They're selling how you will look in the car. The only thing missing in those commercials is the man driving up to his high school reunion and getting stared at by all the beautiful women that wouldn't go out with him when he was in high school.

Of course, you don't have to go to that length to explain the benefits of your e-book. When you were writing copy, keep your customers in mind. Clearly explain how your e-book helps them - in their career, their home life, or even on their wedding day.

Finally, your website must have some testimonies on your websites. These include people who have been helped out by your e-book. You also need a strong guarantee, so that you feel secure in buying it. If I can't dunk that basketball in sixty days after reading your basketball e-book, I want my money back. You want a strong guarantee, and of course, you want a "buy it" button to collect the money.
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