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To Perform Nonprofit Fundraising Successfully Your Nonprofit Organization Must Look Worthy

Mar 9, 2008
To fundraise successfully, your nonprofit organization needs to look worthy. How many times have you heard it really was not simply because it was for a worthy cause? If your nonprofit organization looks worthy, then people will support it; if it doesn't they will not. It is that simple.

To get your nonprofit organization to look worthy in their eyes, you need to look at your internet, office, voice and client attraction strategies and technologies or as we term it it IOVC strategy and technology. Let us start with strategy which means it is about people so you first need to appeal to their emotions. This is done by understanding the client attraction strategy you will use in your marketing campaign and the communication vehicle. You can see this by taking note of campaigns for breast cancer awareness and others that are similar. Getting worthy involves perceived worthiness based on actions and people and then how your office works which can be helped by technology. But let's address the strategy first.

Firstly, you need to believe in it yourself. If you are only half convinced in the worthiness of your nonprofit organization, then that will most certainly show in your manner and your communication. Most people can spot lack of sincerity a mile away and if you are not sincere or convinced of worthiness, you will not be able to convince anyone else.

If you can get the support of someone who has the trust of your community and who also has a high profile, then that will help in the quest for a worthy look. It may be a doctor, a businessman, the town mayor or a politician. It could be the dean of the local college or a well-respected figure with a wider, national profile such as a politician.

It need not be just an individual who will lend worthiness to your cause, but an organization. If you can claim that the local tennis club or Rotary or Lions Club supports you, then that will give you a needed worthy status as well.

If your nonprofit organization does not look worthy, then prospective donors will not be likely to donate. You must be professional at all times by making sure the paperwork is up-to-date and available should any one ask to see it. You need to have a person available to talk to anyone who should want information. If all they can get is an answering machine -though these have their place - then they will be put off.

If your fundraising is ongoing, then you need to publish an annual report and have it readily available. Donors need to know that their money is being used wisely, so communications with them is of prime importance. This does notmean that they want to be pestered on a daily basis, but they do need to know what their money was used for, and that you are really appreciative of their support. If they can be made to look good through their support, then you will have a happy donor who is willing to lend their status to your nonprofit organization.
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