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Starting A Vending Business? - A Few Things To Consider!

Mar 9, 2008
Who can start in this business? Really anyone who is wiling to take action or believe that it can be done can start in this business. You don't need to have some business degree or a university education to do it.

Sure, if you have it, it will help. But, if you have the drive and you want to actually do something, it is not a complicated business. When you understand some of the fundamentals of how this business works and the business runs then you can move forward at lightning speed. It's not really rocket science, but there is somewhat of a small learning curve to it so that you can actually learn how to get this up and running properly. That is number one.

Number two. How can someone start in this business? Okay, that is easy. Basically, by doing your homework, following some of my advice and doing some research before diving in. First to start in this business, take action. Do some homework and research before diving in, that is the biggest thing. Sometimes people go to these opportunity seminars and think "I want to start a vending business." Somebody offers them a deal or what they think is a deal on a vending machine. They decide that they are going to go buy it. They get in a situation where maybe they overpaid for the machine. You don't want to do that.

You want to do research and homework before actually spending any money in this business. That's important because you can buy machines anywhere but choosing the right type of machine is important and more important is getting the right makes and models that other vending operator's are commonly using in the industry.

Number three. Why should I start a vending business? Well, everyone has their own reasons why they want to start a vending business. My reasons for staring my vending business was that I had some free time. Secondly when I realized that I could actually make some money at it by setting up my first machine, I thought well maybe I can duplicate this and do it over and over again. What is stopping me from doing this? Really, for me also, there was this big factor about my current job.

I was driving the city bus and I thought to myself, you know, people are talking and stuff, we have a union and people were saying "Oh what if the company lays us off?" What are we going to do? Are we going to go on strike? Where are you going to get a job? I didn't want to be sort of at the whim and mercy of the company's paycheck.

I had been on the paycheck for years and that paycheck was spent before I even got it. I couldn't see myself any longer being at the whim and mercy of this company. So I thought, "I have got to take some action and create something for myself so that I have something to fall back on." That was the big reason for me wanting to actually do some of this on my own. Really, at the end of the day, I would just call it having a back up plan, because that is what it really is.

Number four. What are the benefits of the Vending Business? First is that it is an all cash business. It is great, because you don't have to deal with invoicing and wait for companies to actually send you the checks in the mail that sort of thing. You are not billing people and stuff like that. Basically the benefit is that you set up the machine, you actually put the products in and if somebody wants it they have to pay you right away for it by putting money in the machine. The cash business aspect of it is great.

Number two is that you set your own hours. You can fill your machines anytime you want. I always keep my filling and restocking of my machines on a consistent regular basis, but there are times where things come up where you want to do something with your family or you want to go away for a weekend or a few days or something. You want to take off. Well, you know what? As long as your machines are filled just maybe go out a day or two before you would normally go out and top up your machines. Make sure that they are all up and ready and working. Then you can break free for a few days if you want. That is one of the biggest benefits right there.

I think a big one is that this business can be built up as big or as little as you desire. If you want to set up one or two machines just to make a little bit of extra money on the side. You can do that as a part time kind of thing, maybe go out on the weekend and fill your machines. These are a few advantages of the vending business especially if you are considering jumping in.
About the Author
Chris Robertson is a 9 year vending operator who works out of Toronto,Canada.


For more information about how you can get started in the vending business feel free to visit Chris's site

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