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Starting A Small Video Business

Mar 10, 2008
With an increasing number of people adding video cassette players, DVD players, and digital video capabilities to their home entertainment systems, the market potential for video services continues to grow. More and more people prefer to record important family events using the expert services of a professional. Baby showers, weddings, baby showers, school events and club meeting provide ample opportunities for you to show off your talents and make money with your video camera.

Moreover, starting your video business does not require huge financial or material investments. It is not mandatory for you to go out and buy the most expensive video camera, neither do you need to purchase tons of high priced equipment or attachments. All you need to be successful in a video business is a flair for showmanship, more than a little imagination and a little bit of salesmanship. Of course, you'll need to buy a portable video recorder or a camcorder if you don't already have one. Video recorders are available in a wide range of prices and features. While you do not have to buy one with the most state-of-the-art features there are some features that can enhance the quality of the outcome tremendously. Reading as much as you can about te features of different video cameras and visiting several stores will help you determine what features are absolutely necessary and which ones are not.

An input jack that can be added to external microphones will be of immense help if you intend taping extended vocal renditions such as concerts, speeches or weddings. Look for a video camera that will allow you to dub vocals or audio onto the tape without adversely affecting the quality of the original picture. Auto-character generation is great for adding captions and titles. A tripod is a handy piece of equipment especially in certain situations and may be worth investing in.

Video Taping Weddings

While recording some situations are a snap, you need to tread slowly and cautiously when venturing into recording weddings, no matter how experienced you may be at video recording. Wedding videos are a unique genre. The recording environment is less than conducive, the schedules are tight and the locations, usually not very camera-friendly. Moreover, most clients have very high and mostly unrealistic expectations, which you will be expected to deliver no matter what. Video taping weddings can fetch you a fairly large amount of money; but make no mistake about it- you will have to work hard to earn a good reputation.

Here are a few things you may want to think about if you intend starting your own wedding video taping business:

Competition- Appraise your competition and check out the quality of work that they produce, what are their hiring charges and if you can, fine how busy they are.

Promotion- You may need to spend some money on advertising and marketing your services initially, but if you are good, word-of-mouth referrals will bring in plenty of work and help you reduce your advertising budget. Well-made, professional-looking brochures with all the relevant information included are a good way of promoting your services.

Networking- Develop good working relationships with other assorted wedding professionals including wedding planners and studio photographers who would happily recommend you to potential clients.
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