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Network Marketing Success through Web 2.0 Marketing

Mar 10, 2008
The opportunity to connect with people through the internet has just taken a huge leap forward with the advent of Social Marketing. Right now Network Marketers are just starting to apply this to generate serious prospects for their business.

The numbers are staggering, how many people are using the social networking sites like Facebook, Ma.gnolia, Wink, and Reddit. The number of people using YouTube is rivaling the visitors to Google already. Soon social networking sites will dominate the usage on the internet. Already millions and millions of people use these sites to get recommendations on where to eat, movies to watch, what to buy, they share tips on gardening or food recipes. They are also creating groups that they connect with and meeting lots of new people.

People around the world are now able to interact and connect with others anywhere in the world. If you have an interest in sports, movies, food, or business there are hundreds of groups you can join. This is not just the domain of the young anymore. More and more adults and business people are joining and enjoying the benefits of social networking every day. You can now attract people to you in a very non intimidating way and have them contact you when they are interested.

Enjoy a breath of fresh air in your recruiting

Now don't you feel it's much easier to talk to people when they seek you out first , instead of you chasing them? Of course you do, and you can create an unlimited amount of leads for your network marketing business for free.

When you are growing your business through attraction marketing techniques using social media sites on the internet you will be connecting with people who are like minded, share your ideas and have a much stronger business. This is a much more natural and duplicatable way to build your downline with a solid foundation.

The real secret to creating residual income in your mlm business is to have many happy customers who are loyal and consistently purchase your company's products. You can make that happen by teaching your prospects how to do business in a manner that is profitable, honest and enjoyable to do. When your downline trusts you because what you teach is both very effective and creates longterm income, your residual income will be secure because of your downlines happiness.

This is what I recommend that you do...

If you want to be successful with your network marketing business you need to get involved and learn how to apply Social Marketing and start attracting prospects to you (attraction marketing). The next 24 months offer huge advantages to those who start applying the techniques of Web 2.0 to their mlm or home based business.
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