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Best ways in Locating Quality Wholesale Merchandise

Aug 17, 2007
The rule of thumb is selling is find something to sell that are affordable to buyers and gives you good profit. In the retail business, you have huge advantage if you have the knack of locating quality wholesale merchandise. But for those who seem to be blind as a bat when it comes to locating quality wholesale merchandise, better listen up and wizen up a bit.
Before you start looking for merchandise, you better make your mind up what you really want to sell. Selling things that you are familiar with would increase your chances of getting goods results with less stress on your part. Image how stressful things could be if you have hundreds of different products in your inventory most of which you are not really familiar with! That is absolute torture when people would start asking question where these things came from and all!

Once you have made up your mind what merchandise you would want to go hunting for, you are now in a better position in locating quality wholesale merchandise in that category. Now, one of the best ways in locating quality wholesale merchandise is a trade directory. The Internet is filled with hundreds of directories, which you can use. All you have to do is to type your keywords and start checking out directories and websites. They are usually very informative and would give a lot of options. Just be careful as there are many out there who are out to scam the unsuspecting. You local department of trade and industry also have a good database of businesses in your area, which includes suppliers and merchandisers.

Word of mouth can be reliable too. If you have many friends in your industry, you can always find a couple of them you are willing to help you shop! Just mention shopping and you got their attention! What's more, they probably know and few places where you can start your hunt for quality merchandise.

Another way of getting started would be to study your identified competitors. You can scout the suppliers of your identified competitors and go get them. Usually, this works well if you want to beat the other guy. Just make sure you don't get identical merchandise or else both of you would be at the losing end as customers will now compare prices of same merchandise which would force both of you to dive prices! Now that it not healthy for your pockets at all!

Locating quality wholesale merchandise can also be a little tricky especially for beginners. It requires a lot of patients in going from one place to another and checkout what they've got in their shelves. Of course the quality of the goods plays a vital role but so is the price, so have a lot of wholesale shopping to do.
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