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How to Build a Large, Receptive Email List Fast

Mar 10, 2008
Emailing lists are very important to any internet marketer. They are especially important to every affiliate program owner for updating affiliates on need-to-know information. Emails are the number one form of contact on the internet, no matter how popular instant messaging has become. When attained properly, email lists can be a very profitable asset.

Renting email lists is not highly favored among most professional internet marketers, but has still proven to be very useful to some marketers, depending on what they were offering. The two major problems with them are that most of these lists get recycled for other renters, and most of these lists cater to a very general audience. Niche marketing has reduced the efforts of marketing to the general public significantly. It has been proven to be more profitable to market to a smaller, interested audience, than it has been to market to a general audience. Some people on these lists have even accused some internet marketers of spamming, not knowing that they were on these lists.

Spamming has been crucified time and time again, and the rules to spamming are changing with the times, so it is essential to learn the rules of engagement when running an emailing campaign. Building a receptive email list is not as hard as you may think, but it does take a little bit of work to get started. The best way to start growing your list is to get people to opt-in to what ever you are offering. Double opt-ins is the best way to secure your operations from being accused of spamming.

To get people to opt-in or double opt-in to your campaigns you must create a capture page, they are sometimes called a splash page. These are the pages you come across that ask you to enter your name and email address, and an auto-responder sends you an email address to confirm your subscription. Capture pages are the essential tool in building a receptive email list. To build this list quickly, all you have to do is create multiple capture pages for your ventures.

Placement of these capture pages is a very important factor in their performance. There are a number of sites that cater to these pages, and most of them are free. ListJoe is a popular one of high quality traffic that can put your capture page in position to yield the mass of email addresses you need for business. There are a number of other sites that are similar for the exercise of your capture pages. Check around and submit to a few.

To compliment your capture page, in handling your growing list, an auto-responder is vital. People do not like to wait. So when your list is growing to the thousands, you still have to respond to them in a timely manner, which is almost immediately. When this combination is properly put together, an upgrade in your auto-responder package will be in order to handle your over-flow of addresses.
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