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How To Make Profitable AdWords Google Campaigns?

Mar 10, 2008
It is imperative for any Internet marketer to make effective use of AdWords Google, in order to make his online business a successful venture. Whether it is a virtual business or an offline one, the importance of effective targeted advertising cannot be stressed enough. It is through advertising only that you let the world know of your company's existence. You might have built a very attractive website, with all the necessary information and a very useful range of products, but without advertising, people would never get to know about it! They'll never come to know that such a website exists for a particular product range. That is where AdWords Google comes into play.

What Exactly Are These Adwords? Google provides this concept of intelligent advertising campaigns, where you can display your Ads on websites related to your products. The logic behind this concept is that people who are already looking for related products or services will be more interested in checking out what you have got to offer. So if you are selling web hosting space, AdWords Google will display your Ads on websites and blogs related to website designing. So that people who go looking for information on website designing will also get to see your links related to hosting space. In other words, your Ads reach out only to a targeted audience.

The Mantra For Success While AdWords Google is being used by a majority of the Internet marketers, it hasn't really been able to generate those golden revenue figures for all who use this tool. For most of the AdWords users, these Ad campaigns are generally more of an unnecessary expense. There are some rules you need to follow in order to derive the most benefits out of such campaigns.

Keyword research is perhaps the most important step while designing your AdWords Google campaign. It might seem like a good idea to bid on the keywords having the highest CTR, but you must also remember that you will have to pay a much higher CPC price for those keywords. It might just be more cost effective to look for not-so-popular keyword phrases, which are more closely relevant to what you sell. This will ensure a greater percent of conversion, along with a lower bid value.

Also remember that you will be paying per click for these AdWords Google. This means that you will also be paying for those clicks that don't convert into sales. So you want to keep such clicks as low as possible by keeping the "free diggers" away. This can be done by using the "-free" clause in your campaign.

By incorporating the above few points in your campaign, and by ensuring that you have an attractive header for your Ad, and that you include all your relevant keywords in your Ad, you can turn your AdWords Google venture into a very profitable one.
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