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Site Promotion And The Information Lever

Mar 10, 2008
Let's say you have developed a website that is professional, helpful and has become trusted in your particular industry. You have worked on multiple efforts to market your site and have seen improved results as a direct result of your efforts.

I'd like to suggest there might be another marketing tool you may have forgotten or perhaps it was never considered. This tool is known as expertise. It is possible to leverage what you know with the potential for greater site exposure.

The initial path of least resistance might be to take your archived content and submit it to a free article directory so that others may find ways to use your information while agreeing to post your contact information. This is a relatively easy way to gain the most exposure from articles that no longer have a primary place in your web presence, but can still provide impressive information that others will gratefully use.

You can also write new material for free article directories that can further enhance your ability to be visible from multiple sites. The backlinks this can generate can also assist in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies.

A suggestion you may have never heard before has to do with demonstrating enough boldness to take your skills to an industry publication and indicate a willingness to provide original content for their publication at no cost in exchange for a byline. This can be useful in either a traditional print publication or an online ezine. Many publications operate on a shoestring budget and having a competent expert who is willing to provide solid content in exchange for a byline would generally be a most welcome arrangement.

You might also offer your services to develop an advice column. Individuals always have questions related to the industry you serve. Work to provide expert analysis of their issues and be willing to offer that service in exchange for a byline.

In that byline you may explain a little bit about yourself and your experience, but you can also place contact information including website address and email.

As I mentioned earlier in this article this strategy provides more backlinks, which search engines love, and it casts a wider net in your marketing objectives.

Shifting directions slightly, but keeping with the focus of site promotion let me suggest you consider visiting with other experts in your field to develop either content for your website or a podcast. Imagine the impact your site would have if visitors came to understand that you had access to other leaders in your industry. Site visitors could gain information based on your expertise as well as that of other industry leaders.

You will notice that each of these ideas works hand in glove with solid Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. The result will likely be a solid improvement in search engine rankings and in the elevated esteem of site visitors.

Find ways to use your knowledge to leverage improved site promotion. In an online world that is consumer-centric this approach just makes sense. Why? Because it provides the best answer to ways that may help customers and, at the same time, improve your profitability potential.
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