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PPC And The Click That Saved The Site

Mar 10, 2008
Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is proving to be a positive means of paying for a web presence.

For the sake of this article let's say you have developed a forum or a blog that pulls from free article directories. It is possible to gain an account from Google AdSense or another PPC provider and allow the ads to be placed in these peripheral areas of your site.

This scenario is often used to meet the content demands of your customers in the event that you are incapable of doing so yourself or you simply do not have enough time to create original content.

Since visitors can't purchase directly from these pages the PPC ads can pave the way for an income stream that can assist in paying for the space requirements needed to make the content available.

Many site owners report that if the PPC keywords are really good the returns can more than pay for the total costs associated with the site.

It is not uncommon to see full-blown ecommerce sites that feature PPC ads even on their product pages. The reason for this may be to allow visitors to comparison shop while paying the site owner a commission for every click. It could also be a simple belief that the PPC advertising can be useful to consumers if they can't find what they are looking for. In either case the site owner still retains funds from every PPC click made through their site.

When an entrepreneur wants to test-drive a new idea they may set up a website that holds the potential of being wholly funded by PPC ads. In this case a visitor will not see anything tangible for sale, but the website owner can work to gauge the interest in the product or idea simply by seeing the interest in PPC advertising. If the interest is significant the entrepreneur may decided to develop a business based around a product that conforms to the keyword or phrases chosen in their test site.

PPC advertising often helps alleviate the stress associated with low or marginally performing websites. Website owners will often capitalize on PPC advertising when they have trouble finding banner advertising or other sponsors. This is especially true for information-oriented websites.

There are many forums and blogs that are birthed out of personal interest, but the owner does not often wish to perpetually self-fund the enterprise. PPC is often the means of keeping the personal interest alive while allowing the residual payments to take care of expenses. In some cases the site owner may even receive some extra funds beyond operational expenses, but that's never a given.

The growth of PPC has allowed those who accept this type of advertising a taste of 'free' money. Of course nothing is ever free, but the space made available to PPC advertising can make it possible for visitors to find what they are needing while allowing the site owner to keep the site open and available to all.

PPC may not be right for every site, but it can provide residual income, and there may be tasteful ways to include PPC in all or a portion of your web presence.
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