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Is Facebook Friend Adder Number One in Web 3.0 Marketing?

Mar 10, 2008
A prominent venture capitalist recently remarked, "Once a social operating system takes over a country, it's like it becomes the native language of that country." What social operating system was being discussed? The online social network Facebook, which has displaced MySpace and Friendster as the "in" place to hang out, hook up with friends, and express yourself in the online universe.

If you want to market to Facebook's cutting-edge users, you'll need to learn to speak their language and be part of their world, and we'll get to just how you accomplish that soon. However, you first need to understand exactly why all the marketing big boys are fighting to be a part of Facebook. Just what does Facebook mean to today's internet anyway?

Now gaining dominance in North America and Western Europe, Facebook is set to go global. But being loved and used by millions isn't everything. Facebook is also a prime example of the next level of the internet world - Web 3.0 and the unique possibilities of the semantic web.

Why else would Microsoft pay an amazing two hundred and forty million dollars for a small piece of this pie? Why else did Google and Yahoo! fight for their own chance at Facebook glory? These computer giants know Facebook is the Next Big Thing, and that Facebook's use of its own operating system within the site will change social networking and internet marketing forever.

It's what's made Facebook such a big thing already among internet users. Back in May, 2007, Facebook invited outside companies and developers to create Facebook tools for the site and share in the advertising revenues at Facebook as a reward.

Over the next six months, Facebook users have been introduced to over five thousand new free applications - every day there are new "toys" and ways to share information with friends. With this massive array of things to do, and such a mellow environment in which to do it, it's not surprising an average of two hundred thousand new users are joining Facebook every day.

So the users are there, and their numbers are growing. As a marketer, you're no doubt wondering, "How do I reach these Facebook users? I don't have Microsoft's hundreds of millions to spend. I don't have the technological know-how to develop a killer app of my own. What can I do to cash in?" Believe it or not, you don't have to do anything except run your business as you normally do, while a special automated system does all the work for you.

That system is Stealth Friend Bomber, Facebook Edition - a Facebook Bot that will hook you up with over fifty million new potential customers. You'll be marketing yourself to the biggest, hottest gathering in the virtual world as the Stealth Friend Bomber's Facebook Friend Adder automatically generates Mass Facebook Friend Pokes, Requests and Messages.

If you want to reach Facebook users, the Stealth Friend Bomber, Facebook Edition is Facebook marketing software will help you walk the walk and talk the talk - in the language Facebook users understand.
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