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Why You Should Avoid The Get Rich Quick Income Opportunities Online

Mar 10, 2008
I'm embarrassed to say it, but a few years ago, I used to fall for the following sales hype~

'Just give me 50 of your hard earned dollars and I will show you how to easily, with hardly any effort earn $10,000 in passive residual income, each and every day, working just 10 minutes a day!'

Do you really think that someone would give away this secret for creating a passive income online for $50! I know if I had the magic bullet, that made $10,000 every week with doing very little I would be charging millions of dollars and people would be queuing up at my door for the SECRET.

Of course it's possible to earn $10,000 per week online, but the sales letter should read~

'Just give me 50 of your hard earned dollars and I will show you how to earn $10,000 in passive residual income, each and every week! But I must inform you that you're going to have to work harder than you ever have, you need patience and once I show you how to create a passive income online, you need to repeat what I show you each and every day. If you do this, you WILL be successful'

Can you see the major flaw in my sales letter? Yes, it says the truth, but the truth is not what people want to hear, they want something for nothing, or I should say, they want a million dollars for fifty dollars, but at the same time, they do not want to work for the million dollars!

Creating an incredible residual income business is possible, but it takes time and effort, so if you're not prepared to do this, you should close this article down and carry on doing the lottery, because you'll have more chance of hitting the jackpot, or alternatively buy all the get rich quick, passive income opportunities online and when they don't earn you a million dollars in one week, without doing anything, you can demand a refund!

Building a residual income opportunity that works is beautiful, but it's not easy, as each month goes by, your income grows. The whole idea of a monthly passive income fascinates me, do the work once and get paid for months and indeed, sometimes years after. With a passive residual income you can live the life of your dreams, but this way of life is only for people who are prepared to work extremely hard and push forward with relentless determination.

With any business, once you have a working system in place, just keep repeating that system, over and over and over again. Take the MacDonald's empire, they have a system in place and that system just has to be implemented and away you go, teenagers with no experience can make a burger bar into a highly successful business. A system on it's own, is not the answer, you have to implement that system!

Without exception, the people that are hitting it big online all have a system, that they repeat over and over again, so my advice to you, is get that system and ride it into the sunset.

So, stay away from the 'Get Rich Quick' schemes and experience the beauty of a successful online business by using effort, relentless determination, a great opportunity and a proven system that anyone can implement and use from day one.
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