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The Best Way To Find Admin Jobs

Mar 10, 2008
The range of jobs in administration is vast. On the face of it admin jobs are not the most exciting line of work but that really depends on the choice of job that you opt for. For example many offices can be exciting places to work especially if the staff are fun to be around. There are also a number of administration jobs that offer a great deal of excitement.

For example one of the most intriguing administration jobs is working with the M15 in London. A recent job posting in the press has detailed the description of a job that was being advertised for this area of the government.

A job like this working for M15 requests that the candidate has four GCSEs grade A-C and that the candidate has discretion, personal integrity, reliability, excellent organisational skills as well as being a co-operative team worker. Working at the MI5 means that you get everything at your desk to help defend the nation's security.

The job aims to help combat industrial espionage and counter the threat of terrorism. For this to happen the relevant information needs to be in the right place at the right time and it is the job of the worker to make sure this happens. Keeping everything well organised and ordered is an integral part of the whole operation. The general pay scale for this type of job is circa 16,000 pounds with benefits.

The variety of work involved in a job as an administration assistant for the MI5 is vast. The job can involve surveillance and working for an investigative team. In many ways the job is like any other admin job but the ramifications are arguably more important. If you were looking for a job with the MI5 you would need to have substantial ties with the UK and ideally be a British citizen. It does not matter if you have been born outside the UK - you can still apply for the job and your application will be considered.

The difference between this role and any other administration job is that it is done in order to help protect national security. Surely this is a great motivating factor for anyone that is looking for a job.

It is made even more exciting by the fact that if you apply for this job you are advised not to discuss the application with your partner or your immediate family. To me that makes it much more inspiring than your average administration post. So if you were considering applying for an office role then it might be well worth considering a role in MI5.

On the face of it these types of jobs may not sound like the most inspiring line of work but they do afford a worker a great amount of freedom. Generally admin jobs require the employee to perform a task that is integral to the success of the organisation that the person works for.

But the positive thing about these jobs is that they generally do not require the employee to invest time after work thinking about the job. They almost always allow the worker to leave their work behind at the end of the day. In many ways this allows people to have a better work-life balance and people in admin jobs can have a much better quality of life than those people that become obsessed with their jobs.
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