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How To Find Conference Centres Without Any Hassle

Mar 10, 2008
Looking for conference centres can be an extremely exciting process. It is possible to see the event that you have dreamed of holding come together and when you have a venue you can really make a push to make sure that your conference engages and inspires your delegates.

So once you have decided on a date and a rough number of delegates that you want to invite then start your search for your conference centre. This article aims to help you with your search so that you can refine your decisions so that you are well equipped to conduct your venue search.

Whether you plan to conduct your venue search yourself or whether you decide to utilise a venue finder make sure you have a good idea of what you want. There are so many great conference centres in the UK that there really is something for everyone. There is absolutely no reason for you to compromise on the quality of your venue - the only problem is picking between the wealth of options. Knowing exactly what you want will help make this easier.


If you are looking for a conference centre in a certain area of the country then this will be a good start. If you want a large stately manor in the countryside it is no good broadening your search to include small towns. If you know that you need to hold your event in London then make sure that you don't confuse the issue by being sidetracked by other venues elsewhere in the country.

One of the main considerations when you are choosing a location is the access to transport infrastructure. The importance of this is greater the more people that you intend to invite. For example if you want to invite thousands of people then you are probably going to need to be near a train, tube or bus station. If you are looking to invite a smaller number of people to a country location then you need to be sure that there is ample parking facilities or that you can provide transportation for them.


The cost of your event is probably the most important factor of all to consider. If you are looking to make the event as cheap as possible then you will be looking at very different conference centres than those which target at the top end clientele. It is important that you prepare a budget that has a rough idea of how much you are willing to pay per delegate and have a good idea of what you want that to cover. For example will you be expecting your delegates to pay for their own lunches? Setting a budget will make it much easier to refine your choice of venues and will help you ensure that you find the perfect place.

Type of event

The type of event that you wish to hold will have a big difference on the type of venue that you need. For example if you are looking to hold a fashion event you may need to have a venue that makes a statement about the clothing that will be on display. If you are holding a high tech conference then it will probably be crucial that the event that you choose has the right equipment to hand. For example if you are working in IT you may need a good computer system that links delegates on a network so that they can share presentations with one another.
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Shaun Parker is a leading venue finder. He shares his experience to help people that are looking for conference centres.
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