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Positioning Yourself for a Promotion

Mar 10, 2008
To help you secure the promotion you deserve and remain with the same employer, consider the following:

Participate In All Projects

You have to work beyond your position or title at your company. Get yourself involved with other projects and acquaint yourself with different people in the office. You will have to move beyond your comfort zone and interact with other departments. By doing this, you will not only acquire new skills, but also showcase what you already know and your ability to adapt.

Not only will you get noticed more, but many of your colleagues will be glad you helped. This will develop more goodwill and earn you their respect. Showing your skills in this manner lets them know that you are capable of handling more jobs of a different nature.

Share Your Abilities

There may be times when you possess different skills that you have learned from elsewhere or that you have learned out of interest. These can be used at your work or maybe to help someone else. This does not mean that you have to take up additional work, but that you can offer a solution or help when required.

This will give you a chance to show off your skills. Also, if you are in a lower position, it does not mean that you cannot help when the situation calls for it. Sharing also includes sharing information. This may not be useful to you, but information you possess may be useful to someone else.

Spread the Word

If you want to move ahead in your career, then you will have to let your superiors know about it. The possibility of growth within the organization is slim if people do not know that you have the desire to grow. In this way, your deserving position may be given to others who have voiced their feelings.

You should not do this by portraying in any way that you are dissatisfied with the job, but, instead, talk about how you have reached a point where you wish to learn more from your work. During your annual evaluation, you have the opportunity to discuss with your boss the desire for a promotion - they will guide you through the skills that you need to develop to get the promotion.

Be Positive

An easy way to guarantee that you will not get that promotion or new position is by telling people how much work you already have or how you are having trouble keeping up with the workload. When you do this, it seems more like you are complaining about your work. They also take this to be a sign that you are unable to manage the responsibilities already given to you.

Being positive about the work is a better way of going about it. Talk about how thrilled you are with the upcoming projects rather than showing them how busy you are. You need to impress your peers with your ability to take on multiple tasks.
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