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Is Alternative Energy Worth Investing In?

Aug 17, 2007
Oil prices are spiralling to new records just about each day. In addition, oil is mostly produced in politically unstable parts of the world; this caused problems in the 1990's and may do so again. Consequently, we may never see oil prices come down or even stabilize.

Because of escalating oil prices, many ventures are being formed to find other ways of creating energy that is friendly to the environment as well as cheap. Alternative energy is becoming the new wave to lessen the demand for oil while helping our environment.

Alternative energy has always existed, but it was never taken as seriously as it is now that oil prices are so exhorbitant.

Sizeable investments are being made in this up and coming industry. There are risks as with any investment, but investors feel it is better to invest in a rising star than a dead dog.

The United States is not yet fully committed to alternative energy. Most of the energy to power America has come from petroleum sources. Natural gas is second in use for power, then coal and nuclear power. Only a small portion of energy is created by alternative energy at this time.

The problem is to make sure there is ample demand to make investments in alternative energy pay off. Since power plants in existance today use petroleum, gas, coal or nuclear energy, we have to ask if these sources are sufficient to continue to power our cities. But as the population grows, demand for power grows along with it. The resources we currently use are depleting and they also cause the problem of pollution. Soon, we may not have enough power to continue using it.

The need to find different ways to power are world is great, and alternative energy is the most likely solution.

There are a lot of advantages to alternative energy. It is clean and safe since it uses natural sources. It does not produce pollutive gases as oil does. After an alternative power plant is constructed, the energy produced is practically free. The sources of power for these plants is always available.

All investments involve risk, and alternative energy is no exception. It is a new field and may not be successful. It seems to be clean and safe, but there is no guarantee that someday it may show some damage to the environment. Even though it is a mega million dollar industry, it is not yet fully established as the right alternative to traditional energy. At this point, fuel still seems to be the most efficient power source.

Even though there may be pros and cons, the basic point is that alternatives have to be found, and alternative energy may turn out to be the best alternative.
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