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Getting Help With Free Career Tests

Mar 10, 2008
You may already have heard about free career tests, but you might be wondering whether they are actually useful.

Many people started out their career with lots of passion, but become lost or confused when they are hit by some frustration. Some may even decide to give up in an extreme situation. At such moments, taking career tests might be a good way to get you out of your myth.

There are free and paid career tests, and you can take them either in a career testing center or online. There are no right or wrong answers, but the answers you give can tell a lot about whether you should move on to a different career or simply strive harder in your present one.

While you can usually get reliable results if you took one given and interpreted by a qualified professional like a career counselor, there are a couple of good online tests given for free. Like the paid one, many of the free tests are very convenient to answer and take only a few minutes to complete. Some sites even interpret your results right after you take them.

On the other hand, though, many free online tests are not standardized. They may come with disclaimers stating that the test is only really for fun. It is therefore important to take these tests only as a guide and combine the results with more reliable advice such as the assistance of a professional career counselor. Even reliable standard tests should not be viewed as an oracle that has to be strictly followed.

There are also some sites that offer free tests only as a teaser, and they are questions and test items that may perk your interest. In reality, these test questions may just be a small portion of a more reliable and comprehensive career assistance package being offered for a price.

There are times when it makes a lot of sense to register with sites that offer more services than just a free test. You may have to pay a registration, membership or monthly fee, but what you pay may be really worth it. After all, your career is part of your life and you would want to end up feeling happy and fulfilled.

In any case, taking some initial free career tests can be a good idea if you are just beginning to question your career choices. A test that does not ask you to deplete your wallet can be a good starting point to convince yourself that you need more help to steer your career in the right path. After all, it can be emotionally, physically and financially costly to stay in a job you do not really like.
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