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Make Your Computer A Wage Earner

Mar 10, 2008
OK, so you have purchased the computer because you simply HAD TO HAVE IT, right? Now you are paying how much a month for an internet connection because WHAT GOOD IS IT WITHOUT THAT, right? And you are using all of this to do what? Oh, email, right. You have to check your email. I mean, it is cheaper than that old snail mail and buying all those stamps, right? Wrong! There is no way you would buy enough stamps in a month to equal your internet connection fee, let alone prorating the cost of the computer itself. But, hey, you have all the money you need so it is no big deal. OK!? I guess.You could have your computer and internet service pay for themselves and then some.

I remember going into the computer store(the old fashioned way to shop) with my daughter to get her a computer to go off to college with. The very helpful young, male, sales person first asked the question, Are you mostly into games or videos? I thought that to be an odd question, but I soon learned that such information was necessary to determine the size of the monitor that would be most advantageous and user friendly. User friendly!? The same is true of processor speed and RAM and ROM and ..

Hold it. This thing is supposed to help
my daughter get through college, not be her entertainment center. Then I realized I was guilty of much the same misguided focus on the use of the computer. Only my focus was on email and shopping and the annual year-end holiday letter. So basically this thing I bought and am paying a monthly internet fee for is providing a means by which I can spend even more. Then someone said something completely unbelievable to me. Why not make money with your computer?

What an idea. The resources out there are incredible. You can write articles on your favorite subject that folks will pay to read. You can do research for someone else and have them pay you for it. You can market products. You can teach. You can publish music. You can record music just like in a music studio. You can develop a multi-dimensional, user friendly, internet business developing a lot of residual income.Or, you can check your e-mail.

There are dozens of very informative places out there where you can learn the information you need to succeed in developing an internet based business in any area of interest you choose.

The next time you worry about not having enough money, stop, sit down at your keyboard and begin to fix that problem. After you have checked your $30.00 a month e-mail bill, that is.
About the Author
Michael Freer was a local government manager for 25 years in Michigan until recently leaving that profession to develop his own internet based business. Find out how you can succeed in developing an internet based business
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