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Comparison of EDC Gold And EDC Diamond

Mar 10, 2008
There are many quality online business' but for now we are only going to be comparing two similar ones. By this I mean the ones that sell software, a 100 billion dollar per year industry. Of course when it comes to the internet, you can get into selling anything. So lets get started with Gold. EDC Gold is a very popular internet marketing business. The start up cost is $997 and you pass up 40% of your first two sales to your sponsor. Some people turn away because of this, but the reality is, negative thinking is why they turn away. People think, thats stupid, my first two sales go to someone else. If you look at it that way, it does seem stupid. So lets turn it the other way. And this is why EDC Gold makes you so much money. Your sponsor teaches you how to close those first two sales, so you know how. Then when you close your first sale, that person brings his first two sales to you. So the funnel effect takes place, you sign up 1 person, that one brings you two more, then those 2 bring you 4 more and those 4 bring you 8. Well you get that part.

Which brings me to this major point. You work a little in the beggining to get a few sales of your own, then you sit back and let it go on auto pilot because all these people keep bringing you more and more sales to infinity. Sounds pretty nice to me. So now your asking what is EDC Diamond?

EDC Diamond is great as well, and will blow your mind away when it comes to earning potential. You no longer have to pass up your first 2 sales, great, but this business startup is $2497. Sounds like alot, but think about the earning potential. You get $1500 of every sale, your sponsor gets $500, and the owners get $497. So what does this mean. Well it means, you will be receiving $500 of every sale your personally sponsored members make. Again, auto pilot income comes to mind.

The beauty with all marketing is how easy it really is once you are shown the secrets. Think about this, if you sponsor 1 person per week, thats 52 per year, and if only 15 of those 52 sponsor 1 per week. Which is very reasonable. Then you do the math, but I'll tell you that it adds upto over $100,000 a year. With an income potential of this, and so easily reached. How on earth can you go to a job and let someone tell you when to take your vacation, or let someone tell you your only worth $X per hour. Think about it, REALLY think about it. I have have now become un-employable. I'm a bum that makes $30,000 + month, and all I know how to do is play golf, and not very well might I add.

so the conclusion of which one I think is better. I feel there is so much potential with each business online, and it is definately very difficult to choose onany of them. None are wrong, but you have to go to where all the money is being made. And I feel this is something that you must decide for yourself. Its kinda like the Chevy vs Ford debate that will go on for ever.
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