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How To Choose A Mentor To Become Succesful Internet Business Marketer

Mar 10, 2008
If you want to be a total dummy, you try to invent the wheel again, but if you want to make it through a more clever way, you will follow those who have already done it, successful mentor marketers.

A good mentor has found out the way to successful internet business. Of course it is his way and do not necessarily fit directly to you or to your skills, but you have first to research deeply the chances before you will change him. When you have admitted to yourself that the mentor choice is right, the only job you have to do is to build up a strong attitude, that you will succeed.

You will benefit from your mentor, because he will do two things for you: he will shorten your learning time and he will keep you away from big errors, which are the results of the lack of know how.

This all means that the mentor guidance will lead your thoughts and actions to the right path, to the way of successful internet business.

Lets face it! Could you dream to set up any successful home based internet business without researching the competition and the market segments? I doubt. The affiliate marketing has one great benefit: you can in a way rent the brains of some experienced internet business marketer, to use his ideas and advices to make the start successful. Sounds too good to be true, but it is true!

The first thing a mentor can do is to find out the present status of your marketing skills and what you want. Even after a short discussion via emails or phone, an experienced mentor sees quickly your present skills.

The second thing will be to guide you to join an authority affiliate program, which has a training lesson and marketing tools, which fit to you. The deep conversations before the choice are necessary, because this is one of the most important choices you will make.

This is important, because all successful home based businesses are small ones, which means that you will be the engine, who runs the business by putting your skills into fire.

It is necessary to find a mentor, who has an ability and willingness to teach you personally via emails and phone calls. The way to successful home based business is paved with the series of choices and of course a newbie tends to make wrong ones without guidance.

A useful mentor has the power to say really strongly to you, if necessary, so his target must not be to take your money, but to make you successful. The difference between these two is mostly the time difference. The success is never a quick, one action!

You see, an effective mentor is like a good leader, who really wants to take you to the success, like he has done to himself. The benefit, which a mentor gets is the goodwill. The internet business society is relatively small and the mouth to mouth communications will work. This is the best possible communications!
A business owner must also to undrstand that the responsibility is always his, the mentor is always just a teacher, but if you will not do your share, never blaim a mentor.
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Juhani Tontti. B.Sc., Marketing. I Have Recruited Hundreds Of Newbies And Guided Them To Their Personal Successes. If You Are Interested To Get A Motivated Mentor, Contact Me From My Internet Business Site.
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