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An Introduction To SEO

Mar 11, 2008
Have you ever heard people going on about SEO or read about it on the internet and wondered what it was? Well, in short, it is Search Engine Optimization. Still lost? Well, I shall explain!

Nowadays the most common way for potential customers to find your site is through search engines. When a user searches for a keyword or an expression on a search engine, the results comprise a list of sites ordered by relevance. The relevance is actually decided by the search engine's ranking parameters. Knowing how to better comply with these parameters is called SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is a marketing strategy for improving and increasing sites relevance. It increases the amount of web traffic to a website from other search engines. As a rule, the earlier the site is presented in a search engines results, the more people will visit the site. SEO can also be used to target different kinds of searches, for example, image searches etc.

The majority of all web traffic is driven by the major search engines, and these include Google, MSN, Yahoo! and AskJeeves. If your site is not picked up by these search engines, you miss out on the potential income and traffic that these websites can provide. It doesn't matter what your site provides, whether it be information or a product, or anything else, you should make an effort to ensure that these search engines find your site as these search sites are a primary navigation method for so many internet users!

One way of increasing SEO in your articles for the use of article marketing is to ensure that it has keywords. You can search, on the internet, for keywords that are commonly used to find whatever it is you are writing about. The more keywords that are in your article, the higher up the ranking of pages that the search engine has your article will come, and the more people will find your site.

You can check an article that you have written for keyword density, again with the use of different sites on the internet to ensure that you article will bring about the maximum amount of traffic that it can.

Search Engine Optimization is very useful for people who use articles as a way of marketing their business. It is known as "free press space" as you can submit an article, with the right amount of keywords, to article directories, meaning that it has its place on the internet. People who wish to know about whatever it is you are writing about will then find it and therefore increase traffic to your website.

There are different things that can increase the popularity of your website in the search engines rankings, as well as ensuring keywords are included in your article. Things like headers etc. can also help maximize the results of your article.

If you are thinking of using SEO as a way or marketing your business, there are hundreds of websites dedicated to helping people understand this process. You should arm yourself with as much information as possible, to ensure that you are going the right way about it!
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