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Effective Article Marketing Tips To Attract Visitors

Mar 11, 2008
With millions of articles online already and more coming in all of the time, how will you make your articles stand out from the others? Good article marketing is effective to increase subscribers, receive incoming links or boost your sales.

1. The Headline Is The Title

The title of the article is the first thing anyone notices. This can make or break the article. Your article could be a masterpiece of marketing creativity that could win this years article marketing award. Without a good title, hardly anyone will read it. An attractive title is one that stands out and also reflects the content inside.

2. The Lead Paragraph

This opening paragraph needs to do a few things. For SEO purposes, the main keyword should be within the first sentence. This is also the opening to the introduction to your article. Introduce the subject matter your topic is about, then prepare the readers for what the article body will be about.

Your intro might be two short paragraphs. Create the need for information about the topic, then let the readers know you are providing more information that will help them with a solution.

3. Clarity Of Intent

Be clear about what your article is going to do. Will it serve to a target niche market? Will the piece be concerning the benefits of your product or service? Is this article meant to simply inform your existing market? Is this article meant to entice the readers to want more information that you leave a website link for?

Your article could have several of these intentions, but be clear before writing it what this article is meant to convey.

4. The Body Of The Article

Give your readers white space. Online articles are usually scanned over quickly. When you provide short 2-5 line paragraphs, you are making it much easier for the visitor to read instead of scan your article.

Try to write your article in a conversational, informative flow. This endears the reader to you. Sometimes you have to include a lot of technical, dry information that can be boring. Sometimes using a bulleted list for the dry information within the body of the article will help you to flow with the technical information.

Keep your article at around 500-750 words. Anything longer than this and you risk losing the reader. Patience is a virtue that most article readers do not have. This is also why you want to use short paragraphs.

5. In Conclusion

Wrap up your conclusion by either summarizing, or expressing to the readers your hopes that they found the information helpful. This is also the time to work into your pitch. If they want more info or the product, include where the reader can get it. This would be in the resource box at the bottom, below your article.

6. The Bio Box

Give some info about yourself. Be that expert. Also this is where you provide your website link for readers to get more info, more tips, free newsletter, the product, etc. This box is your meal ticket. Make sure you leave your link.

In conclusion, with competition so stiff with article marketing, these strategies can only help your efforts. Now you can begin to rise above the mundane and reach your goals of being that internet marketing success.
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