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Horizon Asset Management Is A Leader In Property Asset Management

Mar 11, 2008
Horizon Asset Management group is a name found in countries throughout the world. This company works with banks and other financial organizations. Together, they make profit through proper observation and utilization of stock markets and similar opportunities. Horizon has a full time group of individuals constantly studying different aspects of global and foreign local economies. This creates a unique opportunity for investors looking to expand their portfolio beyond their own municipality.

Horizon Asset Management business are centered on the understanding of global real estate applied to a regional scale. Branches can be found throughout the major European cities. An additional group of affiliates have been created in the last two decades. Therefore, this program and out people can put individuals with an a program that includes an appropriate amount of risk and return.

Horizon Asset Management is a leader in property asset management. Headquartered in Paris the firm manages assets in France, Belgium and Holland that crosses over 3 billion. Horizon’s grouping of local based teams in each country allows it to manage some 45 assets currently and more in the near future. Horizons local based partnership sets a suitable platform to enhance the pro-active asset management at the ground level. Its strong team, focus and local market reach, benefits its partners by increasing cash inflow, low portfolio vacancy rates and consistent growth in income booms its local market average and sets up path breaking performance.

Horizon Investment Management Corporation boasts holdings of over four billion dollars worldwide. They can currently claim three billion dollars in holdings in Europe alone. Their very capable personnel can help you in managing your assets and investments, reviewing the current status of your portfolio via a secure access network.

A privately owned and self-regulating investment and asset management expert defines Horizon. Horizon Asset Management Inc., and its Chairman, Murray Stahl has a sub-advisory relationship with MRM-Horizon Advisors. Horizon employs 12 people in a research, advisory, or executive capacity besides managerial staff. Corporate and line of business political affairs slow down their plans. Communication between clients and other employees is done with the aid of a media asset management system. This facilitates a timelier work flow and keeps everybody operating most competently.

The way they succeed is through a process of simple steps. 1. They pinpoint and develop investing opportunities by optimum utilization of the money in important markets internationally. 2. They conduct transactions in concert with financial and corporate organization. 3. They perform qualitative analysis of possible investment ventures with comprehensive acquisition planning, the appropriate meticulousness, and orderliness. 4. They participate in active asset management, motivated by prospects and outcomes. 5. They place emphasis on strategic planning implementation. 6. They relocate investments by evaluating the cyclical nature of the market. 7. They regularly report to financial partners and banking institutions and plan in conjunction with them. 8. They focus on in-depth document management organization. Constant market evaluation, supported by research and facts, guides their business strategies.

If you are interested in managing your assets, then you should consider horizon asset management. This kind of management pertains to funds and stock markets. Many times people are interested in the stock market so they can invest in companies and earn money. However, it is difficult to choose which companies to invest in, and what quantity of money one should invest. That is where this management can be useful. Having a manager will allow you more freedom in your personal life, since someone else will be in charge of your assets.
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