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Low-cost Website Setup

Aug 17, 2007
Low Cost Website Setup

If you want to set up your own home based internet business you need to have your own website. Today I'll discuss with you how you can set up your very own low cost website. Setting up a low cost website can seem like a daunting task, especially if you are a newbie and a retiree like me and have just gotten familiar with the internet. While it is definitely a bit more complicated than entering data into a word file, it can be easily mastered with a little bit of application.

Registering a Domain name:
First of all you'll have to give your home based business a name. The name has to have the ability to interest and attract people to your website. Not all the names you think of will be available, especially not with a.com, so think of several options. To find out if your chosen name is available you can visit websites like www.networksolutions.com and www.register.com. These websites will also provide you with suggestions for names if all your own choices have already been taken up. Once you've found the ideal name go ahead and register it. Typically you can register your domain name at a low cost of $25 for five years. It will cost more if you register only for a year or two years.

Creating the website:
The next step in your path to setting up a low cost online business is the actual creation of your website. If you want things really simple you can create a page in Microsoft word and save it as a webpage, but this would be a very basic page with only text on it which would hardly help you with online marketing or affiliate marketing opportunities. To create a page with text and graphics you would need a HTML editor. Microsoft Front page is one such editor with built in basic templates that you can use to create your website. Make sure you have planned your website and all pages link back to the home page. Avoid using too many fonts and colors. When putting in graphics or pictures on your web page do remember to put them in GIF or JPEG format. These are easier to download and will not slowdown your website.

Getting someone to build your website:
After exploring the option of building you own website you may conclude that you are too much of a newbie to create your own website. In that case you could hire a software developer or a website design company to set it up for you, but this would definitely not be the low cost option. In this case you will still have to define what you want on your pages and how you want them to look which is half the work of creating the website. Try to locate a local software expert who can sit with you across the table and understand you needs while offering you a low cost package. Ask around in the family - your grandkid may have a friend who can do the job for you at a lower cost than a professional web company. Whoever you choose, always get your contracts signed up in writing including your expectations and the pricing. Try to keep a few days of testing time i.e. time when you can make sure the site works in the manner you want before paying up. But there are also several marketers who will build a website for you at a reasonable price.

Hosting your website:
Once your web site is ready it will need to be hosted. Hosting is simply putting up your website on a computer from where it can be accessed by people around the world. Hosting prices vary from $10 a month to much more. In this case along with low costs, look for a hosting service that offers you 95% uptime and has live customer support around the clock. If you are a newbie it makes sense to look for packages from hosting services which include domain name registration, email service, hard disk space and reasonable monthly data transfer. These will work out to be economical and low cost. Some hosting service will offer website design service as a part of this package too. One such service can be found at www.webbusiness.com. Once you have decided on your host you will have to transfer your files and images to your hosting service. The hosting service will provide you simple and easy to follow instructions for this.

Getting people to visit your online business:
Provide active content which is changed and updated at least weekly, preferably daily. Interesting and relevant content attracts visitors to your site again and again. You could also open a blog like this one on your website. Blog on a topic of your interest in an animated, friendly tone and people will return to your site to see updated blog entries. Your site is now ready for online advertisements and affiliate marketing plans to be linked onto it.
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Nancy Stetson. She uses the programs on her website to show the beginner on the internet how one can begin with no experience and little money. Visit her at http://www.HomeBased-Opportunities.com or nstet60@peoplepc.com
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