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Learn How to Be Good at Adding Profitable Allies

Mar 11, 2008
How can you become good at finding allies? If you haven't been seeking allies much, you may be wondering how you can possibly become good at it.

You'll find it helpful to start looking at groups with which you already have well-established relations. These organizations will include your existing partners, customers, distributors, suppliers, and employees. Each can be turned into an ally in many ways that you may not be pursuing today. For example:

1. Ask your partners for suggestions about how you can help each other.

2. Ask your customers how you can help them and their customers be more successful.

3. Ask your distributors how you and they can make each other more effective.

4. Ask your suppliers what else they can do for you that you have not asked them to do before, and to describe the benefits.

5. Ask all employees how you and they can be more successful by helping each other in their present role as employees. Also ask if they would like to set up their own companies to serve instead as external suppliers to the company, and how they could be more effective in that role than as employees.

For some, this question will be remarkably liberating and valuable, while others will be confused. For the confused, suggest they visit independent companies in their field that were set up by people who used to be employees of their customers.

6. Ask those to whom you outsource what else you can do together to be more effective. This may also include your outside accountants, attorneys and other advisors.

7. Ask each of these groups who else they think you should know and work with, and ask them to make the introductions.

Of particular interest to you should be experts and operations that have more experience with the irresistible forces that are important to you and your enterprise. Such people and operations should both have knowledge to share, and be in a position to make relevant introductions based on a good understanding of how an alliance could be beneficial to both parties.

How can you let others know that you are a good ally?

Having a reputation as a good ally will bring more alliances your way. A wonderful way to add to this reputation is to help your ally get recognition for the results that have come from your alliance. Chances are that the ally will acknowledge your help along the way, and your reputation as someone to work with will grow also.
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