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Affiliate Marketing vs. Article Marketing: Can They Be Combined OR Are They Best Kept Separate?

Mar 11, 2008
Affiliate marketing is a fun and easy way to earn money online. As a matter of fact, it is one of the easiest ways if you know what you are doing. Almost all affiliate programs are free to join. They normally come with a sales page already set up for you to draw traffic to, and the web address always has some kind of code in it that gives the affiliate some identity. This coded address is called your affiliate link, and is used to promote on the internet.

The formula is simple: the more promotion you give your affiliate link, the more traffic you generate, and the more profits you see. Affiliates get a portion of the profits of each product sold through his affiliate link. Some may think this is unfair, especially if they are doing the work to promote the site, but there is no limit to how many affiliate programs one can work under.

In actuality, the affiliates have the easy part. The affiliate owner is the one that has to keep the maintenance up on the site and deal with the possible refunds of revenue. With that said, it can be possible for an affiliate marketer to earn more money online than an owner, depending on the quality and popularity of an affiliate program for an owner, and how many programs an affiliate marketer is marketing.

Article marketing is the marketing technique of using articles to sell products, and is usually done online. It is free, and can be fun as well. These articles are posted in e-zines and blogs across the internet, as well as a few other mediums where information is wanted. It is disputed to be the best form of marketing because of its "pre-selling" nature. However, article marketing is only popular to those who choose to spend time instead of money.

With the brief descriptions of these particular marketing techniques, it is safe to conclude that they can be combined and prove to be very profitable. You may have even came across some affiliate programs that have, what I like to call, "pre-written" articles in their marketing toolboxes for their affiliates to use. If done properly, article marketing can allow an affiliate program yield more profits for an affiliate than a PPC program. This is gauged by the fact that articles can be found in more places on the internet than ads in a search engine. As I mentioned earlier, articles are free to post, ads are not.

One article per affiliate program, depending on the commission earned, can potentially create a 4+ figure income monthly, if done correctly. Most affiliate marketers are affiliated with an average of ten programs. Pardon my opinion, but I would say they were the perfect match.
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