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How To Use And Implement A Business Plan

Mar 11, 2008
All businesses work to a business plan and all business use this as a guideline or a focus to gain successful results. The word business planning is used in a business for setting out or planning goals for the company. There are two resulting affects of this which determine the running of the business, whether it leads them to success or to failure.

Some businesses use their business planning skills for profit increase; others devise a non-profit business plan. These are often set out very differently from each, where one is purely based on financial goal; the other is focussed on the business services to their client. Some business plans are focussed internally or externally meaning, that those, which are externally focussed work, plan to target the goals important to stakeholders.

The stakeholders in profit organisation are known as investors or customers, whereas non-profit stakeholders are known as donors, sponsors or clients. Internally focussed business planning involves reaching to target immediate goals for external agents. These plans can work towards restructuring the financial aspect of a business, a new IT system, refurbishment, new product services or a new business service.


With nearly all business planning the content is the most important part of implementing it into the business. All plans begin with a mission statement, a status of where the business is at right now, competitor analysis, history of the business performance and aims and objectives (goals to follow). Often these vary with different types of planning such financial or service based planning.

These plans are often presented in via oral group presentation, a short business pitch to alert the interests of stakeholders, written proposal and planning format, and an internal operational plan that includes management planning objective. An open business plan is one that is made available to the public, via the web. Access to this kind of information was once made confidential; however, new software developments have made it possible for public view.

Business plans are used collectively within a team environment. Not only does this benefit the business for good results, but also stimulates strong communication between staffs. This provides the staff a concrete understanding of their roles and a clear understanding of the methodology. These are normally implemented through setting clear instructions to specific people in their roles.

Normally these are designated purposefully for a specialised area possibly for improvement of this section or area of the business. This is usually discussed during team meetings, whereby during the planning process management and/or staff can input their goals and ideas coming to a mutual compromise.

The overall objective is always discussed first, which acts a central part of the planning process. However, externally planned goals tend to be hand written or discussed via directors and management level. These are generally tailored to meet to stakeholders goals.
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