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Landing Page - How To Create One That Is Relevant

Mar 11, 2008
Let's assume that you already have an adwords campaign working with google or some other form of advertisement that is sending your prospects to your personal landing page.

I will go over the requirement of an effective webpage as it relates to your ad and give you some important tips on how to make your prospect want to opt in to your landing page.

Did you know that you have 7 seconds to grab your prospects attention before they push the back button or leave your site? So what shows up when they open your page is all important. Your landing page must be relevant to the keywords that you used in either your adwords campaign or whatever media you chose to advertise your website.

The goal of a landing page is to build an instant emotional bond with your prospects, show them you understand their needs and can take away their pains. From there you present your offer and guide them to take action. Usually by opting in, buying or both.

This is where web-site copy and ad copy share the same thing in common. The tone, the balance of feature and benefits, the next call to action all must connect with the conversation already going on in your prospects mind. What's going on in their mind is what lead them to your page in the first place, your ad and or adwords campaign.

Here are some examples. If you are selling a product on your web page like car stereo head units and that is your keyword, then your ad should take that person to your entire display of head units. Red car stereo should take them only to Red car stereo.

Some keywords may even lead to a persuasive sight that looks to change the prospects thinking from one way to another. Say for instance an advertising in keyword for one type of software then when they get to your page you let them know the difference between your software and theirs and show them the benefits and extras that you bring to the table.

Let's know look at your headline. Your website headline must be catchy and captivating. It must cause the prospect to want to go further into what your website is talking about.

Establishing creditibility is essential. The look and feel of your webstie has a lot to do with this point. The font, colors, shapes, pictures you use, etc. say a site or even do business with you. Know that different markets respond differently. The best way to tell what sells in your market is to look at other in your market. How are they representing on their pages, what are they saying, what colors are the using, etc? Adding the personal element adds to this as well. Depending on what your selling, association logos go over well. For example BBB, Verisign, Paypal, etc.

Take time to consider what you want your page to accomplish and work toward that goal.
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