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The Magic Of Working In Your Pajamas

Mar 11, 2008
The lure of working in your pajamas is just too much. While your colleagues are commuting to work, you are scratching yourself in from of your home computer. What could be an ideal work location if not this?

But am I painting an unreal picture? Is it really possible to work from home? Are people really making a living from home?

What are the things that people can do to make their work from home journey a success. Here are some ideas:

1) Getting mentally ready: First and foremost make a realistic estimate of whether you can actually work from home. Do you have the self-discipline? Can you actually work when there is no one standing no your head? Will you just goof off? Will you be able to focus your attention? Will you take your work seriously if no one is telling you how to work?

2) Getting the location ready: Do you have a place that you can sit and work at home? In saying this, I am of course, making an assumption about the nature of work that you intend to do at home. If it is computer related work then you need a computer, a place to keep that computer, and ideally an opportunity to work for many hours every day without disturbance. Other tools such as printers, scanners are definite plusses. Additionally, an Internet connection has become a must.

To understand the dynamics of home based business, let us take the example of a home business online business. For this I will focus my attention on writing content and then trying to monetize it. In fact, let me go a step further and limit myself to writing a blog and earning money from it.

Do note that earning money from blogging is just an example and it is not what this article is about. I want you to take all that I mention in the spirit of a tutorial for a work from home.

First you evaluate your skills. In the area of blogging this means coming up with a topic that you would really like to write about. Think of something that you are good at. And I do not mean that in the sense of, "I am good at breathing!" It is more like I am good at talking about dogs or I really enjoy football or I can give people relationship advice. Remember, if you are really good at something, there are people who want to know more about that.

So, let us assume that you have chosen to write a blog about, hmmm, let's say, planets. In business terms this will be called your niche. This will be something that you want to prove your expertise in. This is the area that you feel people have some need in that you can satisfy. If you follow my line of reasoning, you will notice that I am not talking about blogging, but about developing any business.

Ok, so we are going to talk about planets. This is because when I first visited a planetarium, I enjoyed myself so much that I watched a few TV shows about planet and then I read a book or two. All this knowledge coupled with interest in planets coupled with my burning desire to make a lot of money from blogging makes this the market niche that I have decided to operate in.

Now we move to the production stage. In the blogging world production would be making a blog. There are many ways you can do that. You can use free blogging services. A quick search on a search engine will show you what popular blogging services exist. Alternatively, if you are thus inclined, namely if you are a power user, you can get your own domain name and hosting and set up a blog using a free blogging script.

No comes the stage of expansion and growth. In the world of blogging that would mean creating more and more articles. In the world of blogs, articles are called posts. So what you do is create more and more articles.

When you want to know what to write about, you think of three factors:

1) What do really want to talk about? If you would like to share something with the rest of the world, go ahead and say it. This will add your voice to your blog and that is a good thing.

2) What to customers want you to talk about: This sounds obvious, but you must think about it from the customer's point of view. This means keeping up with the latest in the field of planets, your chosen market niche.

3) What are search engines looking for? Whether or not we like it the online world is highly dependant on search engines for traffic. There are many tools that will help you find out what kind of queries are showing up on search engines.

Are we done yet? No not really, as we will have to make money. But if you start generating enough traffic, you can paste some code for text ads on your site and you will make money.
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