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Attaining Persuasive Productivity

Mar 11, 2008
A huge bonus of learning persuasion is that we gain the ability to persuade ourselves. This enables us to easily accomplish whatever we attempt.

When we set the stage for productivity, we increase our odds of success incredibly. There are five simple, strategic, practical, yet sometimes elusive things we can do to this end. Some may seem elusive, but with persistence comes progress.

The first one is easy (though sometimes time constraints don't allow for it), and that is getting enough sleep. Sleep allows our brains and cells to recharge, repairing, rejuvenating and cleansing our minds and bodies.

Your internal rhythms take priority in this respect. If you're a night owl, stay up and get stuff done. If you're a morning person, set the alarm an extra ten or fifteen minutes early to for more morning time. (This might necessitate going to bed an extra ten or fifteen minutes early so as to get as much sleep as you require.) When are you at your peak? Be awake for that peak.

The next two bits of advice may seem as if they'll take up a lot of time, but I assure you, the energy and vibrancy you will get in exchange for that investment of time will more than make up for it in all aspects of your life. Exercise and proper nutrition. Sure, easier said than done. I get that. I know junk food is delicious. I know it's hard to get up and exercise. But the combination of these two things will give you a huge array of benefits, from better sleep (!) to a better quality of life.

As creatures of habit, we create routines instinctually. We can start new, healthy habits and eliminating an old, unhelpful habits. We achieve success as a result of our intention. The concept of 'ruts' have a negative frame attached to them. I'm not suggesting we all get ourselves in ruts where we can't see the the details of life, I am suggesting that we learn to do certain things without thinking--like taking your vitamins or taking the stairs instead of an escalator or starting the day out with a light and sound session or working on your universes in the evenings before you go to bed or expressing gratitude for the good things that come to you. These are all routines that have a positive impact on us.

And lastly, you must create a stress free environment especially if your work requires a certain amount of stress. If you have constant deadlines or are rushing from meeting to meeting, you have got to make sure there are places in your life when you can decompress. Sleep is not enough. Try taking up a hobby or learn to meditate or pray or spend some quiet time in nature, playing golf -- whatever pleases you -- in order to unwind.

Incorporating these five steps into your life will boost your productivity, not to mention your health, well being, and peace of mind.
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Kenrick Cleveland teaches strategies to earn the business of wealthy clients using persuasion. He runs public and private seminars and offers home study courses and coaching programs in persuasion strategies.
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