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How To Spot Work At Home Business Opportunity Scams

Mar 11, 2008
This is a scam, as other scams, is growing rather fast. It is amazing how crafty these operators have become to obtain personal information and money from innocent victims willing to work a legitimate job.

One of the main problems is that they now are making it look more genuine. If you have answered one of these sites and divulged personal information, you automatically have become a target for many groups.

Even when you post your resume online with more reputable websites, you may be exposing, yourself to these kinds of scams. This is because along with the reputable job sites are other operators posing as legitimate employers.

Ask many, many questions so you know whom you are dealing with. The company may not be offering to employ you, only to sell you training materials so you are able to get a job.

When they offer you big profits easily by operating a home-based business realize you obtain nothing easily. And that is a clue to check with the Better Business Bureau.

If the contacting company tells you that customers are waiting and there is a great job market for this home based business you need to check locally first. If they profess the home business is for medical billing, call a few local doctor offices to reconfirm.

Make certain the type of work you are being asked to do is legal. Some types of work may need a license or certificate. Zoning could also be a problem due to restrictions of operating a business from your home. Check with the nearest U.S. Department of Labor before any decision is made.

One of the oldest scams around is the "envelope stuffing" scheme. Instead of getting materials to send out, you get instructions to place an ad asking people to send you money for information to stuff envelopes. It's an illegal pyramid scheme and you could be prosecuted for fraud.

After their great offer, ask them for references from other people who are doing the work. This way you can talk with the individuals themselves.

If you are told it is necessary to purchase equipment from them for your new business, do nothing until you have it in writing that you can return it for a refund if desired.

Do your own research at your library that provides good advise and lists legitimate companies that do hire people to work for them at home. Check out the "Work At Home Sourcebook" that has wonderful counsel and other resources.
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