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How to Find Content for Your Affiliate Site

Mar 12, 2008
When it comes to having an affiliate site, content is a must. Creating a site from pictures and banners is the wrong way to go because search engine spiders can only read written text.

By adding content to your site you are getting visitors through search engines when they type in a specific key word during their searches. If you have those keywords in your articles and general content, it is likely that these visitors will find your website.

These visitors could then turn into buyers at your affiliat's website. Finding content is easier said than done because for written content there are really only four major ways that you can get it:

You can create the content yourself, pay a freelance writer, get it free from an article directory, or use the content provided by your affiliate. I will go over each of these major content providers.

Writing Your Own Content

By writing content for your affiliate website, you are getting exactly what you are looking for because it is being created by you. This seems like the best option because you know when it will be available; you can get the content whenever you want and the best reason of all is that it is free.

However, considering that many people choose to outsource this writing, there are obvious downfalls to doing the job yourself.

Depending on how many pages you run, family and home life and regular jobs, an affiliate can find that it can be difficult to find the time to consistently write articles.

You always need fresh content, so writing one article in a year and thinking that is all you need to do will not get you many visitors. Also, some people are better writers than others.

There are affiliates who have never written an article and may think that it is a difficult thing to do. If you have the time and capability, writing your own content is the best thing that you can do.

You can also write when you have the chance and pay a freelancer when you do not have the time or energy to do it yourself.

Outsourcing to Content Writers and Freelancers

You can find websites, classifieds and forums that are filled with people who are looking for freelance work. If you want a writer it will not be difficult to find one. Outsourcing your writing is great to free up some time and get fresh content.

The downside is that you may come across "writers" who think that it's ok to steal articles from another site or use software to churn out unusable junk. This defeats the purpose of paying for fresh content.

Another problem with hiring freelancers is that you may decide on a deadline before but the person may take too long to get the work back to you.

If you can find the right people however, you can create great working relationships with a few trusted writers.

You will both work out how much you are willing to pay, how many words each article will be and you also want to make sure that the writer understands that the work will be yours when they are done. You will be able to use the articles however you want without saying that you had a ghostwriter.

Free Article Directories and Affiliate Content

Combining these two ways to get content was simple because they both have one major flaw. It is true that you will be getting good content because you can look through what you want and select it for your site, but by using either free articles or affiliate content, you are not getting fresh writing for your website.

Fresh content is a big deal because search engines have penalized webmasters for having duplicate content. This means that you have the same writing that is on a lot of other websites so it is neither new nor fresh.

The goal of this is to stop people from going to a site and stealing content from other people. It defeats the purpose of the internet when you are searching for a specific keyword and 20 websites all have the same writing.

This does not let you know if that information is correct or blatantly false. If you're using the content provided by your affiliate you have to realize that many of the other affiliates from the same program will also be using it. You will not be providing your visitors with anything new.
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