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The Lead Buying Scandal, And How You Can Avoid A Common Mistake That "Bankrupts" Most Entrepreneurs

Mar 12, 2008
If you like wasting your money and being frustrated, then by all means, keep buying leads. In fact, go out and make sure you purchase the most expensive leads that you can find, even though, quality wise they are no more valuable to you than a lead that only costs fifty cents.

In the end, buying leads does a fine job at providing a huge source of income for the people who are harvesting and selling them, but very little good for the person buying them who is trying to build a business. The lead broker will assure you that their leads are the highest quality. They will use words like "addicted buyer", "Freshest leads", "most responsive list anywhere", but the reality is actually fairly grim.

These so called "Freshest Leads" are sold to multiple people. They are not exclusive to the buyer. In fact, the person selling them to you, has already solicited their own offer to them before they even put them up for sale. What you are really buying is a "used" name and address of someone who has already been contacted several times from "sales people" and they are most likely sick and tired of being called, emailed, and mailed to.

On the other end of the phone is you. You have just paid several dollars for this "hot opportunity lead" and you pick up the phone, and begin dialing, while your heartbeat quickens a little and you are just sure that the money you paid for this persons information is going to be worth it. But when you finally get a live human being on the other end of the phone, (a rare occurrence actually, thanks to Caller ID), instead of a receptive and eager prospect, you will generally get the following answer, "Oh my, I sure wish they would stop calling me, all I wanted was a free report." Your amazing lead that you just paid several dollars for was "incentivized".

That's right. They were not even interested in Network Marketing in the first place. Nope, they were lured to fill in their name, phone number, and email address for a chance to win a free IPOD! And the fine print, that they probably didn't read. said something like, "By filling out your information you authorize us to contact you about home business opportunities."

I'm sure that you've heard the expression "work smarter, not harder." I am also sure that you would rather be building a profitable business, instead of wasting valuable time, energy and money while some Lead Broker buys their next million dollar home!

Working "harder" is buying low quality leads, that you then have to "solicit" in a futile attempt to get a very low % of them to join your opportunity. Honestly, calling 100 leads a day is an oldschool mentality that will 99.99% of the time lead you to frustration and ultimately quitting on your dreams of building an extra income from home. Buying Leads is more likely to "break the bank" than it is to build a positive monthly income.

Working "smarter" is developing a marketing system that pre-screens hundreds of visitors per day, without your direct input. Imagine only having to pick up the phone when it is already ringing, with a hot prospect, who is contacting YOU, on the other end of the phone. Not only is this type of lead far more likely to join your business and not waste your time, but it also makes building your team fun.

Working "smarter" is driving thousands of people into your "sales funnel", that operates 24/7, and works for you even when you are not working, each and every month, at very little cost to you. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars each month on worthless leads, the big hitters in this industry have instead, invested in their marketing education and have constructed organized systems that do most of the work for them.

Working "smarter" is monetizing your prospects long before they ever join your opportunity, and earning an income off the people who say "no" to your primary offer. In addition to saving time and money, you can actually create yourself an income stream that will pay for your current and future advertising, and by the time your self generated prospect contacts you, they will have already pre-qualified themselves for your time. Your time is valuable, and it is time that you started acting like it, because when you do, your prospects will have a lot more respect and interest in what you have to offer!

Invest in your education. Take time for personal growth. Develop a marketing system, and you will be three steps closer to achieving your dreams in Network Marketing.
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