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Building An Opt-in List Is One Thing But Maintaining Your Opt-in List Is Quite Another

Mar 12, 2008
You have worked very hard to build your opt-in list but don't think that just because you have a bunch of names and email addresses that it's going to be a cake walk from here on in. Getting that big list of subscribers was one thing, keeping them will be yet another.

The biggest mistake most newbie affiliate marketers make, and yes veteran affiliate marketers do this too, is that they start bombarding their list with product after product trying to make that fast buck. If you just keep pounding your subscribers trying to sell them stuff they will end up scrolling straight to the bottom of your autoresponder email looking for the unsubscribe link so fast your head will spin.

You need to develop a rapport and gain the trust of your opt-in list before you start promoting a bunch of products. You start doing this from that very first email your autoresponder sends them after they subscribe to your list.

In the very first sentence you should introduce yourself. Maybe tell them a little about yourself. Give them your name, address, email address, and name of your company. You shouldn't be afraid to give your personal information, after all you just asked them for all of theirs. By giving them your personal info you are showing them that you are a real person and this will get you one step closer to gaining their trust.

Next, tell them what your intentions are. Talk a little bit about what it is you promised to give them in return for signing up to your opt-in list. Tell them what you will be doing in the future. How often can they expect an email from you. Tell them if it will be daily, weekly, monthly or whatever the time frame but make sure you stick to what you tell them. They will come to expect your emails on a certain day, that is of course if you are giving them information that they are interested in.

For the next several emails you should concentrate on supplying your subscribers with good quality useful content. Maybe send them a few articles you have written personally, no not from that pile of PLR junk that's been collecting dust on your hard drive for a year. You could send them an ebook or report, preferably one that you wrote yourself but if not there are plenty of good ones out there. You could send them audio, video or even software for the get to know you emails. Oh Yeah! This stuff is all FREE of course.

When you do start recommending products make sure you give it to them straight. Don't hype the product up to the point of disbelief and don't be afraid to point out the bad points. Every product has its bad points and your subscribers will appreciate it more if you're upfront with them.

OK, you get the point. Gain your subscribers trust first then they will have no problem pulling out their wallets to purchase something that you recommend. But be careful here. Don't start recommending a new product to them every other day or they will lose faith in you quickly.

Bottom line here is write to your subscribers as if you were talking to your friends. Be upfront and truthful and they will turn into loyal customers.
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