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How To Be Effective And Stop Procrastination In Business

Mar 12, 2008
In order to stop procrastinating you need to learn what it is and why you are doing it. Procrastination is putting off what you can do today until tomorrow. Procrastination results in stress, poor health, and regrets that can last a lifetime.

Taking action leads to fulfillment, life experience and wisdom. The key is finding the source of motivation to help you get going. Do you know anyone who got into the family business, or became a lawyer or joined the Marines because somebody expected or demanded it? If so, you probably know an unhappy person.

Let's even break it down further into steps so you have a clear picture and can develop a different outlook.

No 1 - Narrow it down to one project that you want to accomplish. Instead of looking at the entire picture and feeling over whelmed, take one job and accomplish it well. Think of it as cleaning the house. Clean one room only not the entire house.

Now if you are the boss, you cannot afford to do this. You must learn to delegate, which is an asset to you and everyone else in the office.

No. 2 - Discover the source behind your procrastination in order to create a solution. If your car will not start, you look for the source of the problem. When you find the cause, it is easy to take action to repair it.

The same applies here, you need to look deep and discover what is stopping you. Could it be time management, indecision, fear or an unpleasant task? When you discover the reason you are closer to making the change.

No. 3 - Based on the information above, you now need to choose a strategy that makes you feel comfortable. You have to develop new habits when "that feeling" comes over you.

You could schedule it at the beginning of the day when you are fresh, break it down into small manageable portions (No. 1) or focus on how great you will feel and visualize a positive end result.

No. 4 - Your mind is powerful and it can be used to help you with procrastination in many ways. Think of the picture you will have if you don't follow through and allow that picture to pull your towards it.

Change the thought pattern in your mind and instead of picturing it as a disliking, distasteful job; transform it into an expedition and educational journey where you will be learning something new.
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