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Internet Marketing Strategy For Online Internet Business - Budgeting Your Money

Mar 12, 2008
One of the more difficult things to do when you're starting a new home business is planning and putting together a financial budget. Without any past data on which to base expenses and income it might seem like your guessing, but as part of any companys' business plan an estimated budget can be done with some thought of future operations.

In almost all companies there are really two categories, expense and income. Under your expenses category there could be several smaller sub-categories most often falling within two areas uncontrollable and controllable expenses. While most small business owners claim that they have control over all expenses involved in their campaign, they are just burying there heads in the sand as some costs such as rent, utility cost, and other fixed costs can change, without any control by the owner.

Some other expenses like insurance, payroll, advertising and promotion can be subjected to a budget and are considered to be a controllable expense. If the company begins to slip off, you can try to control a few of these expenses by sending home staff and cutting spending on promotion and advertising.

Depending on the sustainability of your company if the business is going through a bad spell it often is a good investment to take the bull by the horn and pay employee salaries, continue to provide a good service to the balance of the remaining loyal customers until business is back on its feet. It might be hard to pay staff but by trying to do all the work yourself not only will you quickly burn out , and if no one is handling the customers it wont be long before there are no clients left to take care of.

There are normally a couple of ways you can budget your companies money and that is through percentage of income and set dollar amount. Many companies will try to budget their controllable expense by dollars and non-controllable by percentage of income. It goes without saying that a great part of the owners' time will be spent towards bring money and new customers to the company and how much they have budgeted on controllable expense will directly related to income.

An example is, a business earning $200,000 per month in income who has budgeted of six percent for wages, providing $12000 for salaries. If the salaries level increases to $500,000 the budgeted salary percent does not change but the money available for wages climbs to $30,000 with the aim to increase sales and business profits, the business owner might probably need the extra assistance to help take care of company.

There are other types' expenses like Social taxes paid by employers can also end up into the payroll account also workers' compensation charges and paid leave time or other bonuses that might be given by the company. Although budgets could be very difficult to calculate for new companies, it is necessary for all small business entrepreneurs. If you would like to know more check the link below to get a free copy of "Dotcomology" the art of making money on the internet.
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