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Internet's New Face for Friend Marketing. Facebook Adder?

Mar 12, 2008
Anything Microsoft would pay 240 million for just over one and a half percent of has to be a pretty big deal. And that pretty big deal, in which the computer behemoth triumphed over Yahoo! and Google, officially certified Facebook's status as the hottest online social site around. And because of the Microsoft payout, Facebook has a value estimated at 15 billion

Who or what wields this kind of power? Facebook does. Making Facebook an unheard-of internet marketing opportunity for marketers ready to latch on to the explosion of semantic web and Web 3.0 (above Web 2.0). Unlike Windows, the operating systems used to power Facebook's one-of-a-kind social network exist on the internet instead of your computer. This exciting, innovative new social networking environment is drawing huge numbers of internet users eager to simply hang out, hook up with old friends and find new ones to Poke, throw sheep at and give gifts to. Together, these millions of users form an unrivaled - and largely untapped - new marketing base.

A big draw to the site is all the free Facebook tools and applications that users can use to either interact with their Facebook network or just use to display their own personal preferences. You can have a zombie fight, share your favorite music, challenge a friend to a virtual race with a virtual car, exchange quizzes, or just throw a sheep to get someone's attention.

It's also creating a fresh, new and exciting marketing base that's engaged and happy to just hang around this new virtual environment whenever time allows. The choices abound and seem endless for users - they can do a SuperPoke, send a flower, give a hug, compare quiz results or movie compatibility or do whatever as they find new creative ways to interact with old friends or new. This is all because of a critical decision made by the Facebook management to allow third parties to contribute new Facebook tools and applications in return for a piece of the revenue - resulting in over 5000 new apps in just six months.

This constant stream of new fun activities causes users already on Facebook to invite more and more of their friends, relatives, workmates or just casual acquaintances to register and become part of the flourishing community. Suddenly, after being open for business over three and a half years, Facebook is a force to be reckoned with - and a big ticket item.

The best method is take advantage of the newest Facebook marketing software, which includes Facebook bots and Facebook Friend Adders that will seamlessly take your marketing message into a whole new arena, after you've already perhaps milked other heavy traffic sites dry.

One of the most effective software packages is the Stealth Friend Bomber, Facebook Edition. Stealth Friend Bomber will automatically generate Mass Facebook Friend Requests, Messages and Pokes to users all across the Facebook site. This stand-out among Facebook tools does everything you need and more to stay on top of the site that's experiencing a rate of explosive growth that's quickly leaving other friendship sites in the dust.

Web 3.0 sites like Facebook are the future of the internet - so the future of internet marketing also lies in Facebook. Stealth Friend Bomber (Facebook Edition) can make you and your business a part of the action.
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